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Registration for BMS exam prep (same exam for all fields)

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Is your winter (sport) holiday at a different time?

If your winter holiday does not coincide with our dates, simply request permission to attend the course from your school administration. This is usually approved. The regulation mainly concerns non-cantonal schools (Kt. TG / Kt. AG).

Learning Vocabulary

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French Vocabulary

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A passing score on the BMS entrance exam is valid in all cantons in accordance with the Swiss Federal Vocational Training Act.

Students have the right to take the BMS entrance exam in their canton of residence and to visit the BMS in the neighbouring canton. Learning material and examination requirements vary considerably and it is more difficult to pass the exam outside of the canton.

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  • Multicheck Preparation

    Are you in the process of deciding on a career or vocational training position? We offer prep courses for the Multicheck and Basic-Check.

  • Typing

    10 finger typing and spelling for children and adolescents.