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Short-term Gymnasium Exam Preparation Courses

With our Lern-Forum preparation courses, we prepare students in a targeted and efficient way for the entrance examination of the short-term gymnasium. In small groups, all topics are repeated comprehensively. Numerous exercise sheets are used to consolidate the examination material. Our in-house created course materials are always adapted to the latest entrance examinations and the curriculum. Since schools often neglect the writing of texts, we focus on the training of writing essays in the preparatory courses that run parallel to regular school classes. The essays are corrected and graded by a specialized team.

In groups of 3 to 8 students, the subject matter is systematically reviewed and consolidated with exercises on the basis of a well-structured course folder. Afterwards previous entrance examinations are solved and reviewed in detail.

For 20 years we have been successfully preparing students for the gymnasium in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • German
  • Essay Writing

From 2023, the new examination regulations will apply: 50% report card grades for the subjects mathematics, German, French, English, science and 50% examination grades for the subjects mathematics, German (essay, grammar, text comprehension).

We run exam preparation courses (German and mathematics) as well as supplementary courses (English, French, science).

The course materials are adapted to the latest requirements every year. We practice for the entrance exam and at the same time the students learn an efficient working technique so that they can solve the tasks independently.

The entrance examination is designed in a way that for each subject a number of tasks has to be solved. The exam material is learnable, so diligent students have a very good chance of passing the entrance examination. For almost 30 years, Lern-Forum has been the leading institute when it comes to your child's success at school.

Why decide for the short-term gymnasium?

The short-term gymnasium follows the compulsory schooling period. Up to this point, the learning content is prescribed by law. Now, for the first time, your child can choose which education corresponds to their aptitudes and interests.

The choice of their academic career is strongly influenced by the parental home and social environment. It would be a fallacy to claim that students make a choice completely detached from their families. The professions of the parents play a major role. If one parent is a doctor, the child does not necessarily choose a medical education, but often a field of work with social contacts such as psychology, teaching professions, etc. The same is true for technical professions. This is not surprising, because the child experiences security at home and knows their parents' professions from family conversations. Therefore, your child associate’s familiar occupational fields with security and safety.

After gymnasium, various further education options are available. In addition to the traditional gymnasium, which concludes with the federally recognized Matura and allows free access to the university (except for medicine), there are also vocational secondary schools such as the business secondary school HMS, the specialized secondary school FMS, the IT secondary school IMS, the sports gymnasium and, last but not least, the Liceo Artistico.

The highest and most demanding level of education is the short-term gymnasium. It offers many mathematical and scientific subjects (so-called MINT subjects) as well as new and old languages. A general education in geography, history, biology, and the environment broadens the student's personal horizons and explains cross-curricular contexts that enable them to actively participate in shaping our society. This diversity is unsurpassed. So, it's not surprising that politics is dominated by well-educated representatives of the people.

Short-term gymnasium in Zurich

The short-term gymnasium in the canton of Zurich is a state school, which children can attend for free. The cantonal schools are of the highest quality, as there is a teacher with a university degree and additional pedagogical training for each subject.

To benefit from all these advantages, students must overcome the hurdle of the strict and selective entrance examination. Post-compulsory education is voluntary, and it would be a waste of taxpayers' money if unmotivated students had to be dragged along.

This year, the entrance examination for the short-term gymnasium also includes the subjects of mathematics, German and French. Students are expected to have a complete command of the first and second-grade gymnasium subjects and to be able to recall them at lightning speed in the examination.

All topics must be present. This requires that the student has prepared himself thoroughly. He can simplify mathematical terms and solve fractional equations, combinatorial problems, and simple probability calculations, to name but a few examples. In addition, the student must be proficient in French. Not only does he know the vocabulary, but he also knows that every language, be it French, German, English, etc., needs to be structured differently, and is not just a string of words. Students are expected to know the grammatical rules and to be able to use them in sentences.

Every language serves interpersonal communication. Texts contain a message. Bright students can interpret texts and discern what the author wants to tell the reader between the lines.

And not to forget: Students must of course be able to write an essay themselves.

Insight into our course material

In our courses, we use our own developed course material.

Clearly structured, excellently built, exceptional design

  1. Theory
  2. simple exercises for understanding
  3. more difficult exercises for exam preparation
  4. Examination tasks

Sample pages from the course folder for Short-term Gymivorbereitung

FMS Preparation

Long Gymnasium

We also practice for the Langgymi entrance exam, while at the same time students learn an efficient work technique so that they can solve the tasks independently.

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Gym preparation with milestones

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Our milestone program now offers students the new opportunity to prepare flexibly through guided self-study.

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Our Teachers

Our preparatory courses for long-term gymnasium are partly taught by trained primary school teachers and partly by outstanding students with teaching experience. The progress of the group is discussed and deficiencies are corrected immediately.

Our Team

Supplementary Courses English & French

Increase the chances of examination: 
50% the report card grades count.

Supplementary courses

Consistently good grades on the report card count.

Letter of recommendation Sec.B

Pupils of the Sec. B need for the entrance exams to the short-term gymnasium a letter of recommendation of the teacher.

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