Examination simulation

Realistic exam simulation - at the Lern-Forum Zurich

At the Lern-Forum in Zurich, we offer not only effective preparation courses but also realistic exam simulations for the central entrance exams. These are characterized not only by very similar exam tasks, but also by a comparable exam situation. This offers your children a whole range of advantages, which we will explain in more detail later. First, it is important to clarify for whom such a simulation exam is intended: Our exam simulation is primarily used to prepare for the entrance exams for the long-term Gymnasium, but also for the short-term Gymnasium as well as the Vocational High School, or BMS for short.

Why should your child take the simulation exam?

If your children will soon have to write the central entrance exam, then our simulation exam is just the right way to objectively assess their current level of knowledge. Because every year, on average, more than half of all participants fail the central entrance exams. These children are denied the educational path they are striving for, which is why the disappointment is usually so great. Many children and also parents state that the child just had a bad day, which makes the failure even more unfair and annoying.

With a realistic exam simulation, we can find out not only your child's weaknesses but also their strengths, in order to make the preparation for the central entrance exam as effective as possible. Your child will find out exactly where there were difficulties. To this end, our experienced teachers not only grade your child's assignments, but also write precise notes so that he or she can understand how the final grade was arrived at. In addition, the simulation exam helps the children to better assess themselves and learn how to deal with the time pressure and stress in the exam situation.

By taking the simulation exam, the probability that your child will pass the all-important central entrance exam and be able to pursue the desired educational path increases significantly.

When should you register your children for the exam simulation?

The simulation exam at Lern-Forum Zürich is not intended for practicing the tasks, but is primarily aimed at the above-mentioned benefits. Therefore, you should also only send your child to the exam simulation if he or she has a chance of passing it. Your child should therefore feel well-prepared and accordingly already have a large part of the exam preparation behind them. Experience has shown that the grade point average of our simulation exams roughly corresponds to the grade point average of the real exam. In principle, the exam simulation is therefore also aimed at children who are already taking our courses at the Lern-Forum Zurich.

How does the simulation exam at the Lern-Forum Zurich work?

Like the real entrance exam, our exam simulation in the Learning Forum starts at 8:15 a.m. and lasts until 12:00 p.m. including breaks. The individual subjects are also tested in the same order and for the same duration as in the real entrance exam. Within a week, the participants will receive the results of the exam. These include not only the individual grades and the overall grade, but also detailed corrections and comments from our experienced teachers in the learning forum.

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Date and Prices

Prüfungssimulation fürs Gymnasium 2022 - neu auch für die BMS
8:15 - 12:006. Kl. Primar220.-- *
245.-- **
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7:45 - 12:452. / 3. Sek.265.-- *
290.-- **

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7:45 - 12:453. Sek./
265.-- *
290.-- **
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18.10.227:45 - 12:45 3. Sek. 265.-- *
290.-- **
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Die Korrektur ist in den Prüfungsgebühren inbegriffen.
* Kosten für Schüler, welche im Lern-Forum.ch einen Kurs besuchen
** Kosten für externe Schüler

Exam simulation in Zurich

Do not send your child to the simulation exam if he/she has very little to no chance of passing the Gymi exam. According to our experience, the average grade is the same as in the real exam.

The costs including correction are:

Long Term High School

CHF 220.-- (for our students)

CHF 245.-- (for external students)

Short-term high school

CHF 290.-- Mathematics, German and essay (for external students)

CHF 265.-- Mathematics, German and essay (for our students)

Vocational High School BMS

CHF 290.-- Mathematics, German and essay (for external students)

CHF 265.-- Mathematics, German and essay (for our students)

Computer science middle school IMSMS

CHF 290.-- Mathematics, German and essay (for external students)

CHF 265.-- Mathematics, German and essay (for our students)

(do not take any money with you!). You will receive an invoice.

The result will follow within 1 week (5 working days).

Why a Mock Exam?

When a student doesn’t pass the entrance exam, the argument is often made that the student "merely had a bad day". It is considered unfair that students’ performance is judged based on a single day. However, in our experience, failing the exam is very rarely due to having a "bad day". Rather, it is usually clear in which area a student has failed.

In school (and sometimes even in Gymnasium prep courses), students are often evaluated too leniently. The exam follows very strict standards. Often students are only praised, while any knowledge gaps they may have or mistakes they make are not pointed out. This makes it difficult for students to understand why they received poor marks on the entrance exam.

The mock exam helps students assess their own situation realistically. They learn how they are evaluated on the entrance exam and what the examiners pay special attention to. They also experience the exam situation: the time pressure, any concentration difficulties, etc. Our mock exams are scored just like the real entrance exams and then sent to the students. Students can see exactly where they made mistakes and why they received a certain grade.

This allows students to focus on their weaknesses until right before the exam. It also means that not doing well on the exam isn’t such a disappointment to students – they know that a negative exam result is a question of studying and not personal ability. Students can then focus on the future, with the goal of doing better next time (for example, on the entrance exam to short-track Gymnasium or BMS).

What are the exam simulation Gymnasium and the simulation for the FMS | BMS entrance exam?

Both the long-term gymnasium simulation, the short-term gymnasium simulation, and the vocational gymnasium simulation are developed by the Lern-Forum itself. 

Task type, difficulty level, and even the typography correspond to the original exams for the gymnasium or BMS.

The texts in German and French have never appeared in any exam, so they are not old BMS exams.

They are also not old BMS entrance exams from other cantons.

Exam simulation vocational high school entrance exam

Now we also conduct an exam simulation "like real" for the BMS entrance exam.

Students become familiar with the exam situation and are able to assess themselves.
Our success rate in the BMS entrance exam is above average (ca. 80 %).

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