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Long-term Gymnasium Exam Preparation Courses

Almost all children in the 6th grade of primary school have small knowledge gaps in their subject material. In the entrance examination they have to fight for every point and should avoid losing points unnecessarily.

In our preparatory courses for the long-term gymnasium, each topic is thoroughly reviewed and consolidated, so that the students can master the school material from scratch and easily recall it in the exam. In the exam, the material is examined in a mixed form. The students must be able to immediately assign the task to the correct topic. The child's intelligence plays an important role, but diligence in preparation is also an important element that can lead to a successful entrance examination.

It is often claimed that the material was poorly covered or not covered at all at school. Sometimes the students may have also forgotten some topics. The writing of essays is neglected in primary school, so that the structure and style of an essay is unknown to the students. In the entrance examination, a text on a specific topic must be written and the essay is evaluated based on whether the student has dealt with the topic and whether they can express themselves in writing in German. Writing an essay is not a talent but can be trained through specific essay teaching. In our courses that run parallel to the regular school program, the essays are corrected and reviewed with a comprehensive report and graded according to the scale of the entrance examination.

In our preparation courses, each topic is dealt with in small groups using specific exercises. Each child can ask questions immediately and the task is explained individually. This way it is possible to respond to each child and to encourage them. If they understand the material, the motivation to learn more increases. The child gains self-confidence and school grades improve. Good students are rightfully proud of their achievements.

And even if they narrowly fail the entrance examination for the long-term gymnasium, the students will still start high school with good qualifications. It is then up to them whether they want to try and take the entrance examination again after the second or third grade of high school. It is important to maintain a consistent performance and to avoid knowledge gaps. That is why many students book our pre-course for the first grade of high school after primary school. The better the grades, the easier it is for the children.

Why decide for the long-term gymnasium?

The long-term gymnasium has a long tradition in the canton of Zurich. Particularly inquisitive and bright children are encouraged to enter the long-term gymnasium directly after the 6th grade of primary school, without the detour via high school.

Once the child has passed the gymnasium examination, nothing stands in the way of their university education. It is actually pointless to plan the child's life and education so early on because already in puberty they develop their own desires and make their own decisions, so that while they can still be influenced, they can no longer be controlled.

Nevertheless, most parents want to give their child the best education possible, because they believe that an excellent education offers freedom in choosing a career and a financially secure future. Continuous learning in adult life opens new doors in other professional fields.

Recognizing the importance of a solid education, more and more private schools are offering expensive Matura courses that not all parents can afford.

The main advantage of the cantonal long-term gymnasiums is that they are free of charge for parents. This is also the reason why there is a great demand for Zurich's gymnasiums every year. Seats are limited and not all students who want to attend the gymnasium will be admitted.

Entrance examination for the long-term gymnasium

The entrance examination for the long-term gymnasium is a hurdle that not all children can pass. The first selection takes place. In the subject of German, text comprehension, grammar and essay writing including orthography are tested and in the subject of mathematics, complex text tasks are tested. Children of academic parents are clearly at an advantage here, since in these families the vocabulary of everyday conversations is more varied and complex topics are discussed at the table. Academic parents know about the privileges of a university education.

Einblick in unser Kursmaterial

In unseren Kursen setzen wir unser eigens entwickeltes Kursmaterial ein. 

Klar strukturiert, hervorragend aufgebaut, ausserordentliches Design

  1. Theorie
  2. einfache Übungen zum Verständnis
  3. schwierigere Übungen zur Prüfungsvorbereitung
  4. Prüfungsaufgaben

Musterseiten Kursordner Gymivorbereitung Langzeitgymnasium

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  • Admission requirements
  • Exam difficulty

Course dates long-term gymnasium

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Admission requirements long-term gymnasium

The entrance examination consists of various parts:

If overall school marks are factored into the admission decision, then students have passed the entrance exam as long as they have an average of 4.5. To determine the average, the following grades are all weighted equally:

There are no more oral entrance examinations.

Exam result = average between the incoming marks and exam score
Exam result ≥ 4.5: Admission
Exam result < 4.5: Rejection

Requirements for students from private schools (without incoming marks):

Exam result = Exam grade
Exam result ≥ 4.00: Admission
Exam result < 4.00: Rejection

Why is the entrance examination for the long-term gymnasium so difficult?

The strict selection at the end of each school level is partly due to historical reasons.

Making admission to the gymnasium dependent on a demanding entrance exam has political as well as financial reasons. The university and prestigious educational path swallows up a lot of tax money and therefore no money should be "wasted" for students with moderate motivation.

The examination requires complex thinking in every aspect:

  1. Writing of a text on a given topic (essay)
  2. Grasping the core message of a text and understanding the author's message (text comprehension)
  3. Multilevel calculation with terms and fractions
  4. Dividing calculation tasks in text form into several calculation steps and obtaining the required result (text tasks).

Through constant training, the students learn to understand the tasks quickly and correctly and are motivated to believe in themselves and gradually apply a specific rule to each question. Students of quick comprehension need less practice to understand the tasks. However, our preparation courses are designed so that even an averagely talented child will understand the tasks and pass the exam after completing the course.

Essay training for the long-term gymnasium

  • 4 Essays (18-day course)
  • 3 Essays (16-day course)
  • 2 Essays (14-day course)
  • 1 Essay (10-day course)

We discuss the structure and choice of content and carefully correct the essay. At the beginning of the course, students write more essays. Towards the end of the course we focus on solving the examination tasks. We are always up to date and always adapt our course material to the latest requirements.

Short-term gymnasium

We also practice for the short-term gymnasium entrance examination, and at the same time the students learn an efficient working technique so that they can solve the tasks independently.

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Course structure

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Our customized course material is continuously adapted to the current requirements of the central entrance examination.

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Many children engaged in sports are busy with competitions, football matches, etc. on Saturday. By popular request we now also offer preparation courses on Sundays.

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Our long-term gymnasium preparation courses are either taught by trained primary school teachers or by students with teaching experience and top marks. The progress of each group is discussed and issues are resolved immediately.

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Wir sind bestens ausgestattet und stellen ergänzende Übungen mit Lösungen zur Stoffvertiefung, alte Gymi-Prüfungen und die neusten Lehrmittel zur Verfügung. Der Kursordner wir jedes Jahr ergänzt und den Anforderungen angepasst. 

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