Maths for primary year 6

Full edition for long-track Gymnasium prep in Mathematics

CHF 256.40

Maths Contents:

  1. Base ten: places, written calculations and parentheses
  2. Natural numbers, number theory (factors, multiples, sum of digits)
  3. Fractions and decimals
  4. Measuring dimensions (length, capacity, time and weight)
  5. Solving equations by working backwards
  6. Word problems with multiple variables
  7. Proportions and inverse proportions
  8. Word problems with fractions
  9. Path-time-speed
  10. Beginning combinatorics
  11. Perimeter and surface area
  12. Visualisation of space and surfaces
  13. Sequences and series
  14. Geometrical figures, points and lines (lengths, angle bisectors, perpendicular bisectors, parallels)

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