Our Team

Who teaches at Lern-Forum?

At Lern-Forum, qualified primary and secondary school teachers as well as students with excellent Matura certificates teach.

All our hired teachers are experienced, patient, always well prepared for teaching and have been teaching at Lern-Forum.ch for several years.

There are 30 - 35 teachers teaching at Lern-Forum.ch. Here you can see a part of our team.

Mrs. K. Schmitt
Principal of Lern-Forum
Bachelors degree in Business and Economics
Mathematics, French, German, English

Ms. N. Truttmann
Master in Law
French, German, Latin, English, Mathematics
Management of course materials Team management

Mrs. E. Martinelli
currently studying Psychology at the University of Zurich
Mathematics, German, French, English

Mrs. S. Akgül
currently University of Zurich (BA) French and Italian Linguistics
German and French

Mrs. E. Hugentobler

Mathematics, German, French, English

Mrs. K. Kressebuch
Certified teacher Master PH Zurich
German, French, English

Mr. Z. Rodic
currently Master of Science in Environmental Sciences at ETH Zurich
Mathematics, German, French

Mr. S. Wiesendanger
currently bachelor studies in geography and latin philology
Latin, Mathematics, French, German, English

Mrs. E. Scheiring
currently studying environmental sciences at ETH Zurich
German, Mathematics, French, English

Mr. J. Deutschel
Bachelor Civil Engineering ETH Zurich
German, French, English, Latin, Mathematics

Mrs. M. Attinger
Mathematics, French and German

Ms. N. Forster
currently bachelor communication studies science UNI Zh
Mathematics and German

Mrs. C. Karagök
currently studying mechanical engineering at ETH
Mathematics, French, German

Mrs. J. Bärlocher
currently double bachelor studies in law and biology
Mathematics, German, French, English

Mr. D. Hansmann
currently master studies in mathematics at the University of ZH
Mathematics at all levels

(Kopie 3)

Mrs P. Winiarczyk
currently bachelor studies at PH Delsberg
Mathematics, German, French, English

Mrs. A. Skarabis

Mathematics, German, French, English

Ms. D. Behrens
currently bachelor studies in law
Mathematics, French, German, English

Mrs. T. Lippuner
qualified primary school teacher
German, Mathematics

Mr. M. Keller
currently studying for a master's degree as a secondary school teacher at the PH SG
German, Mathematics

Mr G. Frommelt
currently studying Informatics BSc at Uni ZH
Mathematics, Physics, German

Mrs. F. Arnet
currently studying for a bachelor's degree in spatial engineering at the ETH
Mathematics, German, French, English, Latin

Mr. L. Gerber
currently studying mechanical engineering ETH
Mathematics, German, French

Mrs. L. Sommerhalder
Mathematics, German
currently studying for a Master's degree in primary education at the PH

Marketing & Administration

To ensure that our internal processes run smoothly, a professional team of administrators, accountants and marketing specialists also works in the background. Our extensive range of courses and materials is constantly being adapted to meet current requirements. In this way, we can guarantee that our school has a high quality organisation and that your child is always in the best hands with us.

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Only the best teachers are good enough

Learning successfulness depends on the teacher. That is why we only employ the best teachers with exceptional qualifications in professional and social competence.

All teachers are experienced, carefully recruited and teach according to a unified criteria.

Ongoing training

We regularly hold seminars and workshops with our teachers, where our tutors can expand their pedagogical knowledge, get to know new learning methods and exchange ideas.