5th year pre-course registration

Improve German and maths skills

Learn successfully in small groups: max. 8 students per class

All advertised courses will definitely take place with a minimum of 3 participants.

Course Details Available

Preparatory course with high achievement

After the 5th-year pre-course, students can move seamlessly into our Gymi prep courses and holiday intensive courses.

In all of our courses, we have designed the course material to fit perfectly with the appropriate school year. All preparatory courses demand the high level of achievement required for the entrance exam.

Perfect preparation for the long term high school

We offer a wide range of efficient and professional preparation courses that can be combined in a variety of ways and are tailored to your personal needs.

Long-track Gymnasium Preparation

Information about preparing for the long-track Gymnasium entrance exam from 6. grade

Gymi preparation

Repetition courses

During the last week of the summer holiday, we offer group courses in
French (formal grammar, reading comprehension, writing),
Mathematics (by level),
German (primary/upper level) and English.
Courses may be booked individually.
Two one-hour lessons per subject, per day.

Summer/autumn holiday courses:

Terms and Conditions

Please read before booking.

Terms and Conditions