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Registration: summer holiday courses (13/7/20 - 14/8/20)

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Registration: autumn holiday probationary period courses (5/10/20 - 16/10/20)

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Registration: sport holiday courses (15/2/20 - 26/2/21)

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Registration: probationary period courses

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The courses "English grammar/conversation" and "German for primary year 5/6" will only be held if there are enough participants. All other courses will be held regardless.


Repetition courses in

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3 - 8 students

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Passed the gymnasium exam?

Overview of gymnasium probationary period courses

Mathematics bridge course

Preparation for the probationary period after passing the entrance examination to the short-term gymnasium and BMS
for 2nd/3rd secondary school students

What we learn:

  • exact notation
  • copy and think
  • ask the right questions
  • topics of the probationary period

Latin probationary period

Probationary period preparation before and during the summer holidays
Courses for new long-track gymnasium students

What we learn:

  • introduction to Latin grammar
  • learn vocabulary
  • understanding and editing texts
  • solve exercises
  • Long-term Gymnasium

    Courses for the preparation for the long-term high school. Successful exam preparation for primary school students from 6th grade upwards into the Long-Track Gymnasium.

  • Short-term Gymnasium

    Lern Forum offers preparatory courses for the short-term gymnasium in Zurich. Prepare for the short-term gymnasium entrance examination now.

  • Holiday Courses

    Intensive courses and holiday courses so pupils can prepare for the gymnasium entrance exam. Check out our list of holiday and intensive courses focused on the gymnasium examination.

  • Pre-course 4th Grade
  • Pre-course 5th Grade

    Gymnasium preparation for 5th year primary students. In our courses, your child will learn how to understand and interpret texts, build vocabulary, improve math knowledge, improve essay-writing and much more. Your child will be fully prepared for the 2021 entrance exam.

  • Gymnasium preparation 1st Sec.

    Gymnasium preparation courses from 1st grade secondary school. In these learning courses your child will learn how to understand and interpret age-appropriate texts, build vocabulary, essay teaching, math 1st sec., sentence tasks 1st sec.

  • Gymnasium Preparation Online

    We offer online preparation courses for BMS, short and long-track gymnasium. We also offer online courses in the subjects Math, German and essay training.

  • Mock exam

    Lern-Forum offers simulated exams so that your child can get a realistic assessment of his/her learning level and determine whether he/she is ready for the upcoming entrance examinations.

  • Essay training gymnasium preparation

    Targeted, age-appropriate essay training for primary and secondary students. These students learn and train how to write great essays in small groups.

  • Gymnasium prep taster days

    In the first weeks after the summer holidays, the Lern-Forum offers taster courses in preparation for the Gymnasium and BMS for everyone.

  • Gymi Prep Milestones

    In the course "Gymi Prep with Milestones" students work with the proven teaching materials and course folders from the Lern-Forum.

  • Gymi probation courses

    Gymi probationary courses and the probationary support in the gymnasium ensure that learning for the gymnasium is approached as intensively as necessary.

  • Oral Exam

    Lern-Forum has been offering preparatory courses for the oral gymnasium examination in German, French and mathematics for years.

  • Gymi Exam 2021

    Prep courses for Gymnasium at

  • Learning objectives for long-track Gymnasium

    Prep courses covering all relevant topics for the entrance exam. The learning objectives are based on the syllabus for Zürich primary schools.

  • Learning objectives for short-track Gymnasium prep courses

    Information on the learning objectives and the exact requirements in our prep courses for short-track Gymnasium.

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Gymi exam

    We have answered a list of frequently asked questions about the gymnasium exam and BMS exam. You can post your questions here and we will answer you as soon as possible

  • Exam archive

    Free gymnasium exam exercises and old tests for preparing for the 2021 entrance examination. Feel free to go through and download any files of previous gymnasium exams.

  • Übungsmaterial Vorbereitung Gymiprüfung
  • Learning Objectives and Chances of Success

    Chances of success in applying to long-track Gymnasium

  • Guide for the gymnasium examination

    Guide to the Gymnasium entrance examination - All information on the gymnasium examination - Central entrance examination

  • Our gymnasium preparation course material

    Our course material for gymnasium preparation. Sample exercises in mathematics, French and German. Insight into our course material.