Lern-Forum.ch ZH Stadelhofen Kreuzplatz

Kreuzstr. 82 - 8032 Zürich

Our premises in the center of Zurich

In the heart of Zurich and in proximity to the university, ETH Zurich and schools as well as high schools are our cozy premises, where our students are optimally prepared in pleasant small groups for the Gymi, IMS or BMS entrance exam.

Here, the basics are taught, examination tasks are practiced and the students' learning progress is regularly monitored.

Two stops very close

Directions to the Stadelhofen course rooms

Our course rooms in Zurich are very conveniently located. Whether by bus or train, car or bicycle, many roads lead to the Lern-Forum!

Our students can reach us quite comfortably by public transport. Three stops are a few minutes away from us: "Stadelhofen", "Kreuzplatz" and "Kreuzstrasse".

Directions Zurich Stadelhofen

  • BMS Preparation

    Tutoring and intensive holiday courses so your child can prepare for the BMS entrance exam.

  • IT School (IMS)

    Tutoring and intensive holiday courses to optimally prepare your child for the IMS entrance examination.

  • FMS Preparation

    Tutoring and intensive vacation courses to prepare your child optimally for the FMS entrance exam.

  • Matura Preparation

    Repetition preparation courses of all relevant subjects for the Matura examinations in mathematics and French.

  • Ergänzungskurse

    Mit unseren Ergänzungskursen legen Schülerinnen und Schüler den Grundstein für gute Zeugnisnoten und eine Aufnahme ins Gymnasium. Erfahren Sie im Folgenden, für wen sich Ergänzungskurse lohnen und welche Inhalte behandelt werden.