Typing Course Dates

The course cost is CHF 375.-- incl. course book and KV-accredited certificate

10 course days incl. test day; all 10 lessons are on the same day each week

The course is not held during the holidays. The respective courses continue after the holidays. (**Turbo course = 2 course days per week)


Starting Date



Monday06/01/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Wednesday08/01/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Thursday09/01/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Monday27/01/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Tuesday28/01/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Wednesday29/01/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Tuesday25/02/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Wednesday26/02/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Thursday27/02/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Saturday04/04/209:00 - 11:00 amZürich Stadelhofen
Saturday21/04/207:15 - 9:00 pmAarau
Tuesday21/04/204:15 - 6:00 pmWohlen
Friday24/04/205:15 - 7:15 pmBaden
Monday27/04/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Mo + Th Turbokurs**27/04/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Tuesday28/04/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Wednesday29/04/204:00 - 6:00 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Wednesday29/04/202:00 - 4:00 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Thursday30/04/205:30 - 7:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen
Mo + Th Last-Minute-Kurs**01/06/207:30 - 9:30 pmZürich Stadelhofen

 **Turbo course = 2 days a week

Please do not call to ask about available spaces - if the course is listed, it has spaces left and will definitely be held.

Certificate for upper-level students

Upper-level students in their 3rd and 4th year can ask for a certificate. The certificate is recognised by the commercial vocational schools in the cantons of Zürich, Zug and Aargau.


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