Multicheck, Basic Check, Stellwerk

Interesting apprenticeships with career opportunities and a promising future are highly sought after. For companies, it is important that the selected student is right for the job.

To better assess applicants, many companies require students to take an aptitude test (Multicheck, Basic Check, Stellwerk or company-own tests).

These tests give companies the opportunity to compare candidates' performance, identify capabilities and "verify" school transcripts.


We offer prep courses specifically for these professional aptitude tests. In our courses, we review basic math and language skills as well as interview skills. Experience shows: Our training helps students achieve better test results.

Are you trying to decide on a career and looking for an apprenticeship?


Nearly all small and large firms require an aptitude test along with candidates’ application documents. The best known tests are the Basic Check and the Multicheck. There are other job-specific tests as well.

What is the Basic Check?

The Basic Check offers an objective basis for the assessment of skills and talents so that graduates can make an informed career choice. The evaluation is computer-based.

Practice Problems


Holiday courses as well as Saturday courses before the summer holidays

Courses in
Zurich and Wohlen
Date / Location
Day / HolidayLevelTimeCost CHFFlyer
Basic Check / Multicheck
Zurich and Wohlen 3.6.17/ 10.6.17/ 17.6.17/ 24.6.17Saturday Adv. & intermediary upper-level A / B 9.00 - 11.30 h620.--
Basic Check / Multicheck Prep Wohlen
9.4.17 - 13.4.17
24.4.17 - 28.4.17
Spring holidays Adv. & intermediary upper-level A / B (Mo-Fr) 13.15 - 15.15 h 620.--
Basic Check / Multicheck Prep Wohlen  
6.8.17 -
14.8.17 -
Summer holidays Adv. & intermediary upper-level A / B  (Mo-Fr) 11.00 - 13.00 h 620.--

Nachhilfe Aargau, Stützunterricht Aargau


When companies look for apprenticeship candidates, they require applicants to take either the Multicheck or Basic Check.

These tests offer insights into academic and cognitive performance. The exam procedure enables companies to compare students’ potential independently of their school transcripts. This is why most companies require future apprentices to submit the results of these tests in addition to their grades.


We find that the two test methods differ considerably.

The Multicheck tests students’ ability to concentrate, networked thinking skills and intellectual (cognitive) abilities to assess overall potential. Questions must be answered under time pressure, which is a challenge for many candidates.

The Basic Check assesses the basic skills in math, German, French and English students learned at school. Attentive and hard-working students have an advantage on this test.

  1. Math: calculating percent, proportions, units, volume, circumference
  2. French: conjugation in the présent and passé composé
  3. English: basic vocabulary and phrases
  4. German: tenses and idioms
  5. New: physics and chemistry

Familiarize yourself with the Multicheck® and Basic Checks®. We practice the test on paper.

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The most popular jobs:

What is tested?

  • German
  • First and second foreign language (selection between English, French, Italian)
  • Math
  • Logic
  • Concentration
  • Short-term memory
  • Retentiveness
  • Imaginative power
  • Organizational ability
  • Networked thinking
  • Text composition

The material covered is based on the school curriculum at the end of 8th grade.

What is a good apprenticeship?

Characteristics of popular professions: