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The videos give an overview of the course and summarize the main topics.

  • Mock Exam
  • Video Probationary Period
  • Video Gymnasium from 6 year
  • Video Gymnasium from 2. sec
  • Video Rundschau
  • Video IMS
  • Video BMS
  • Video 10 Finger System
  • Lern-Forum Overview
  • Oral Gymi Exam
  • Video Multicheck
  • French courses on 4 levels
  • Review courses summer holidays

Impressions on the Mock Exam at

Mock Exam - Information, Dates, Registration

Probationary period support

Gymi preparation long-term gymnasium

Preparatory courses alongside school or holiday courses

Gymi preparation short-term gymnasium

Preparatory courses alongside school or holiday courses

SRF Report on the preparatory phase for the gymnasium

IT school entrance exam preparation

Quarter and holiday courses

Preparation for the BMS entrance exam

Overview of the courses, dates, prices

Learning the 10 Finger System

Typing courses

Lern-Forum - the leading school for school success

All of the latest courses

Gymnasium Oral entrance exam

Exam training with qualified teachers

Multicheck (Basic-Check) Preparation

Desired companies require a good result in the Multicheck. (Source Tele M1)


French review courses during the holiday

French courses at 4 levels

Swiss Television at Lern-Forum