Lern-Forum Mission

Our teaching philosophy

For years, Lern-Forum has been dedicated to assisting pupils in various stages of their education. We have a lot of experience with the preparation for various entrance examinations (long-track and short-track Gymnasium, IMS, BMS). It is particularly important to us to provide students with a solid foundation for their further education. A profound and comprehensive understanding of the respective matter is at the center of our work.

Atmosphere in the courses

Our course instructors are trained teachers and university students with top grades. We look for a high level of social competence and emotional intelligence. Applicants are selected according to strict quality criteria. That's why we can rely 100% on our instructors and be fully behind them. In our experience, the relationship between teacher and student is crucial to learning success. That's why we only teach in small groups. The teachers deal with each student and address individual issues. A relaxed and friendly learning atmosphere should prevail in our courses.

Our documents

Lern-Forum works only with specially compiled, proven teaching material. Each pupil receives a course folder with theoretical explanations and numerous exercises, which are tailored to the respective learning objective (entrance examination, etc.). We invest a lot in the quality of our documents. The folders are constantly being evaluated and revised to suit the latest developments in education.

We keep up with the times

Despite our many years of success, we always strive to be on top of current developments and to adjust our offerings accordingly. We offer a wide range of different courses and course models. Our customers can always choose the best offer for them and their child.

Learning for the future

Continuity and progress

We look back at almost 30 years of experience in supplementary education to public schools. 

We preserve proven methods and constantly implement new teaching methods and curricula.

Accordingly, our own teaching material is constantly updated.

  • Home

    At Lern-Forum, we offer preparatory courses to help you prepare for gymnasium entrance exams, BMS exams, IMS exams and exams in the trail period. We also offer intensive courses in German, French, English, Latin and Mathematics.

  • Gymnasium Preparation

    Lern-Forum offers structured and complete gymnasium exam preparation alongside school semesters. We also offer intensive courses during school breaks and holidays. We offer courses in Zurich and Aargau. More information and registration here.


    Entrance examination Preparatory courses for short and long-track gymnasium, BMS, IMS and FMS. Lern-Forum also offers courses in French, German, Mathematics, English and Latin.

  • Secondary school preparation

    In our secondary school preparation, we repeat important skills from elementary school and thus build a stable framework for the new and further learning content.

  • Courses Aargau

    Lern-Forum offers efficient preparatory courses for Bezirks and secondary canton schools in Aargau.

  • DaZ

    At the Lern-Forum Zurich, your children learn German as a second language in a playful way, close to everyday life. For quick results.

  • E-Learning

    Study for the Gymi exam individually - prepare at home - with tests and lessons according to your needs

  • Multicheck

    Success in life amounts to more than just good marks. We offer a wide selection of courses: Multicheck, Basic check, typing course, etc...

  • Locations

    Lern-Forum course locations in Zurich, Zurich Stadelhofen, Winterthur, Wohlen, Baden.

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    Contact Lern Forum, information about prices Course start Registration Exam preparation

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    In our blog you will find everything you need to know about learning, current exam preparation topics and news about us.