Latest Information on Covid-19

All Measures cancelled

All measures to contain the pandemic are suspended until further notice.

Wear masks recommended

Until the oral entrance examinations, we recommend wearing masks, although the obligation to wear masks has been dropped according to the ordinance.
Wearing masks is voluntary.

No Covid Certificate Requirement

The majority of our students are minors and as a result only partially vaccinated.

At schools at the primary and secondary school level, there is a Classroom instruction, NO Covid certificate requirement.

Mandatory masks for all!

Regardless of the decision of the school authorities in the canton of Zurich, the following applies in the for all levels continue to require masks throughout the house even during classes.

Here's how we can avoid quarantine for students, families and loved ones.

Classroom courses on site

Classes at the Learning Forum will still take place in our own on-site classrooms.
Our protection concept, in particular the mask obligation for all during the entire lessons, must be strictly adhered to.

We still offer online courses in the Distance classroom through (e-Learning)


Air filters in all Classrooms

Air purifier against viruses and bacteria in our School rooms:

Filter performance: circulation of room air every 10 min.

For the safety of your child:
Corona protective measures, air purifiers in the test: they also help against viruses.


Mask obligation from 19 Oct. 2020

The protection of our students and our team is very important to us. 
Due to increasing numbers of infections with Covid-19, the following applies to us from Montag, 19. October 2020 in all indoor rooms, the mask obligation.

We ask all course participants to help us fight the pandemic.

Task lesson in Small groups

With this the students have a regular daily routine during the corona crisis, we lead through daily homework hours

  • Students can bring school assignments and your child will receive individualized encouragement and support.
  • Our teachers are responsive to your child's school material.
  • You decide on which days your child will attend task hour.
  • The small groups are divided by school level.


Course on site from May 11, 2020

On April 29, 2020, the Federal Council decreed further relaxations.

In addition to stores and restaurants, courses / trainings with up to 4 participants + 1 instructor (total 5 people) may be held.

The safety precautions must be observed. 
We implement the laws regarding hygiene very strictly so that course participants, teachers and relatives are protected.

Protective concept

We have a special protection concept:

2-Zone Area:

1. Zone - entrance with normal germ level

2. Zone - Sluice to low-germ zone

More information about our protection concept here

Details and exact information here

School operation in the Learning Forum during the Corona crisis (only during school closures!)

Preparation Gymiprüfung in Distance classroom

The events and developments around COVID-19 during the last days affect the whole life and partly also the

The health of our students, our teachers and our fellow human beings is our highest priority. We follow the recommendations of the BAG (Federal Office of Public Health).
We adapt our offer in this way, so that we can still prepare our students in the best possible way on the way to the Gymiprüfung 2022. We all have a responsibility to protect our fellow human beings from infection. Nevertheless, this must not result in any gaps in the school material or disadvantages in the preparations for the examinations.

The has been running courses for years at Distance-Learning through. All courses can now be held in the Distance classroom, also from 5th grade elementary school onwards. 

In order to ensure seamless preparation for the 2022 Gymiprüfung, move our specific offers like Essay corrections, courses in real-time in the Distance classroom, and Course material for self-learning into the foreground.

Our courses will all take place as scheduled. Depending on the state of the law, our courses may temporarily be automatically conducted in the Distance Classroom if the federal government has emergency legislation.

Thanks to our modern course platform and communication solutions in the distance classroom, we are well-equipped to provide your child with optimal support and care at all times. Due to the current crisis, capacities have been massively expanded so that our courses can be run in parallel.

For your protection


Hand disinfection


2 m Abstand zwischen Kursteilnehmern
2 m Abstand zwischen Kursteilnehmern

2 m distance between course participants



Area disinfection


täglich gründliche Staubentfernung
täglich gründliche Staubentfernung

daily thorough dust removal


We have a special protection concept:

2-zone area:

  1. Zone - Input with normal germ level .
  2. Zone - sluice to low-germ zone in classrooms

a) Hand disinfection at the entrance

b) Spray disinfection of all surfaces and chairs with 70% alcohol (not a harmful chemical that can cause allergies) according to plan.

c) Paper towel distribution for touching door handles

d) daily carpet cleaning with robot vacuum cleaners (were already in operation before the crisis!)

e) Mask obligation for all students and teachers

f) 1.5 m distance between all persons

g) Airing the school rooms (open windows)


We go further than public schools.

This has the following reason:

  1. Germs are always on surfaces - We assume that infections of all kinds are also spread via contaminated surfaces. Therefore, surface disinfection, no touching of door traps.
  2. Dust particles play a role in the spread of germs plays an important role, since dust contains protein and is thus a good breeding ground for germs. For this reason, our rooms have always been cleaned daily. We have specially replaced all the furniture so that the robot vacuum cleaner can clean everywhere even under the tables without gaps. 

We always talk about germs because there are millions of bacteria and viruses, and we don't know exactly how dangerous or harmless each one is. 

What customers say about our online courses:

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    Das Schulzimmer zu Hause

    Guten Abend Frau Schmitt! Wir wollten Ihnen schon länger schreiben, aber wenn man es nicht sofort macht, vergisst man es schnell. Emilio gefiel es sehr gut in Ihrem Online-Kurs und er freute sich jeden Morgen auf die Lektionen. Ihre Beurteilung hat ihm sehr viel bedeutet, denn er gab sich auch viel Mühe. Er meinte, Sie seien besser als seine Klassenlehrperson und er hätte so viel Spass gehabt. Vielen Dank für den tollen Kurs. Haben Sie noch mehr solche Kurse, die online stattfinden? Wir wären sehr interessiert! Ganz liebe Grüsse Fam. Bachmann

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    Online-Kurs Frühlingsferien

    Sehr geehrte Frau Marinelli, vielen Dank für das Feedback, es ist sehr hilfreich. Tim hat es gut gefallen im Kurs. Freundliche Grüsse Fam. Müller

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    Online - so nah und direkt

    Liebes Team, wir sind froh, dass der Kurs wie geplant stattfinden konnte, obschon dieser vor Ort am Stadelhofen zurzeit nicht möglich ist. Umso überraschter waren wir, wie gut diese Unterrichtsform ist. Vor Kursbeginn kam der Kursordner pünktlich per Post. Am Kurstag war unsere Tochter mit einem Klick im «Schulzimmer». Sie konnte Frau Martinelli gut sehen, die die Aufgaben auf dem Whiteboard erklärte, und konnte direkt mitwirken. Hervorragende Unterrichtsqualität – wirklich professionelle Software, nur zu empfehlen. Wir wissen ja nicht, wie lange dieser Zustand noch andauert. Jedenfalls will unsere Tochter gerne wieder an einem Kurs teilnehmen, und dass die Anfahrt wegfällt, ist auch ein Plus.

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    Begeisterung für Ihren Online-Unterricht – grossartig!

    Liebe Frau Schmitt! Wir – mein Mann, meine Tochter und ich – sind alle hellauf begeistert, wie Sie dieses Online-Learning-Modul aufgebaut und durchgeführt haben!!! Sogar inklusive Feedback. Vielen Dank! Das war super und sehr wertvoll. Ich wünschte mir, die öffentlichen Schulen würden auch baldmöglichst einen so professionellen E-Learning-Unterricht aufbauen! Mit herzlichen Grüssen, Fam. Oman

Seamless teaching

Distance classroom & Stadelhofen on site

We have fully equipped classrooms on site at the Stadelhofen sowie Distance classroom at home.

Due to the Corona crisis, our courses take place in Distance Schoolrooms (Distance-Learning) .

Paper course folder

Before the start of the course, students will receive the Course folder by mail .

The tasks are solved on paper as usual. The solutions are included in the course folder. 

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