Matura preparation: Mathematics and French

The Matura is just around the corner - want to give your skills the final touch that will make all the difference? Then you’ve come to the right place! We offer professional Matura review courses that will help you take your math and French knowledge to the next level.

An excellent Matura is a certain step towards a successful future.

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Preparing for the Passarelle final exam

The vocational Matura has become a popular alternative to a classic Gymnasium education. Have you successfully completed vocational school (BMS)? Congratulations! If you intend to study at a university or other institute of higher education in Switzerland, you will also have to pass the supplementary Passarelle exam.

Our courses are suitable as preparation for the Passarelle exam as well. They are designed for vocational school graduates who would like to optimally compliment their own preparatory efforts before the exam in order to face this challenge with confidence. Our prep lessons allow you to solidify and expand your knowledge and skills in mathematics and French. We work in small groups so that you always have the opportunity to ask questions and develop a sound understanding of the topic at hand.

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Course Dates

Classes meet on 1st May

Courses for Matura



Course Times



Cost CHF

Maths for Matura Students Saturdays beginning
28/3/20 (9 course days)
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Last year of Gymnasium /
Passarelle / eidg. Matur


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Maths for Matura Students 1st week spring hol.
14/4/20 - 18/4/20*
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Last year of Gymnasium /
Passarelle / eidg. Matur


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French for Matura Students 1st week spring hol.
14/4/20 - 18/4/20*
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Last or penultimate year
of Gymnasium / Pasarelle


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Maths for Matura Students 2nd week spring hol.
21/4/20 - 25/4/20*
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Last year of Gymnasium /


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French for Matura Students 2nd week spring hol.
21/4/20 - 25/4/20*
1:30 PM – 4:30 PM Last year of Gymnasium /


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All prices include course materials.
*Tuesday to Saturday (because of Easter / Sechseläuten)


Matura Certificate in Maths

Do these formulas look familiar? You’ve been working with them constantly for the past few years, but usually you were only tested on a certain subsection of mathematics. Soon you will have to apply all these formulas on the same day – it’s time for the Matura!

A good maths score has always been indicative of quick comprehension and high intelligence, and a Matura certificate with a good maths score shows that you are capable of above-average performance. It can open doors for you and make the text step towards success easier.

Many companies place great importance on having employees who can solve problems independently and clearly document their work. To find these employees, companies pay special attention to maths scores, which are a good reflection of the qualities "endurance, accuracy, and independence".

Matura French Preparation

French continues to play a significant role in Switzerland and has not been displaced by English. Good French skills are essential for a great career.

In our Matura prep course, we review all grammatical theory along with corresponding exercises, rédaction (text composition) and advantageous answers for the oral Matura.

This course can be taken up to one year before the Matura.

Higher Education Entrance Qualification

Are you almost at the end of your secondary school career? Now is the time to really buckle down and get good scores on the Matura. Our courses help you perfect your skills so you have everything you need to perform at your best – an important investment in the future!

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