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Effective gymnasium preparation in Zurich

If your children want to attend and successfully complete a gymnasium in Zurich, targeted preparation is usually essential. Both the gymnasium examination and the start at the gymnasium pose a great - and unfortunately very often also insurmountable - challenge to many Swiss students every year. For this reason, we have been offering a wide variety of preparation courses for the gymnasium examination and the subsequent time at the gymnasium for many years. This way, we not only enable your children to attend a gymnasium by passing the gymnasium examination, but also to achieve a good result through strong performance.

Every year, many students take advantage of our courses in order to be able to continue and complete their school career as successfully as possible at the gymnasium. In well-structured and effective sessions, we prepare your children not only for the upcoming gymnasium exams, but also for the following time at the gymnasium. This ensures your children the best future and career opportunities!

Why should your children attend the gymnasium?

The gymnasium serves Swiss students as a springboard for the future. Not only will your children receive an excellent education here, but they will also learn important social skills. Both are of great importance for their professional future. Students are not only taught the classic subjects such as mathematics and German, but also learn foreign languages and abstract thinking. Both play a central role in today's working world, so that the gymnasium continues to provide a first-class education for your children.

The gymnasium diploma not only allows to attend universities, but also makes a good impression on potential employers and training companies. For this reason, attending a gymnasium opens up countless opportunities for your children in their choice of career. No matter whether your children want to study at a university or prefer an apprenticeship with a company, they definitely won't go wrong with attending a gymnasium in Switzerland!

Why do your children need a preparation for the gymnasium?

There are several reasons for preparing for the gymnasium. On the one hand, comprehensive preparation for the gymnasium examination is almost indispensable, on the other hand, general preparation for the time at the gymnasium pays off for your children. This is why our gymnasium preparation course is so popular with many Swiss students. Especially in retrospect, the participants are very happy to have taken part in our preparation courses.

Passing the gymnasium examination, which is taken every year in March by several thousand students in Zurich, is a basic requirement for attending a gymnasium in the canton of Zurich. Many students confirm again and again that it is almost impossible to pass this exam without specific preparation. It is a fact that every year on average half of all students fail the gymnasium exam. Even the two lessons per week offered by the high schools during the new school year are usually not enough to pass the exam. To make your child do better, we offer our preparation course for the gymnasium exam.

But after successfully passing the examination, the time at the gymnasium only just begins. It is therefore important to keep at it at all times in order to have a good degree in their pocket by the end of your school career. This opens many doors for your children and gives them free choice about entering the professional world or starting an academic career. Therefore, the preparation courses for the gymnasium are also of great importance for the further course of your children's lives.

Use our preparation courses and support your children on their way!

Many parents want to support their children on their educational path and therefore prepare them for the challenges of their school career themselves. But usually this not only requires a lot of time and patience but is also not very effective. Because if you are not a teacher yourself, you probably left school several years ago. At the Lern-Forum, only experienced teachers prepare your children for the upcoming gymnasium exams and the time at the gymnasium. We rely on proven concepts and constantly updated learning materials. This guarantees that we are able to support and prepare your children within the shortest time possible.

We also work with your children individually and take time for questions and problems that arise in various areas. This way we manage to balance out weaknesses and promote strengths so that your child can achieve the best possible results. For maximum flexibility we offer different courses at the Lern-Forum.

Our preparation courses for the gymnasium examination have always been extremely popular. We also offer a simulation of the gymnasium exam. In addition, we prepare your children not only for the long-term gymnasium, but also for the short-term gymnasium, and we organize intensive preparation courses for the gymnasium in Zurich during school holidays. While a basic course for repetition and consolidation takes place during the fall holidays, we hold a comprehensive exam preparation course with many exam tasks and exam techniques during the sports holidays. So, take advantage of our offers and support your children on their way!

Gymnasium preparation - what makes our courses stand out:

As a result of our many years of experience with a wide variety of courses for Swiss students, we know exactly what is important for effective learning sessions. In addition, our courses are always adapted to the current curriculum and our course materials are always updated to prepare your children for the upcoming challenges. We put a lot of effort into the Lern-Forum by employing many teachers who are exclusively responsible for the central preparation and compilation of the course materials. But this effort pays off!

This ensures that the participants of our preparation courses are comprehensively prepared and achieve above-average results later on. Thanks to the tightly organized courses, the students learn exactly what they need. We fill knowledge gaps and promote the confidence of your children in solving the tasks. This approach has proven to be effective over the years and helps many Swiss students every year to achieve very good results in the gymnasium exams, but also in their later time at the gymnasium. This makes our gymnasium preparation program ideal for all students who want to prepare for the central entrance examination and the gymnasium in the best possible way.

Simulated gymnasium entrance exam

This is an exam that students are guaranteed not to be familiar with, since we create the assignments ourselves, and it gives students the opportunity to experience a realistic exam situation. In addition, both students and parents receive a realistic assessment of the learning level.

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Gymnasium Preparation (Holiday course)

Autumn holidays:

Basic course - repetition and consolidation

Sports holiday course:

Exam preparation course - practise exam tasks and exam technique

each day 3 x 60 min.
Fr. 780.- incl. material

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Course Details Available
Course Details Available

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1. Wo Sommerferien
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Ende 5. Kl. Primar 19.07.21 - 23.07.21 09:00 - 12:00 Zürich Kreuzplatz Details 780.-- many Register
3. Wo Sommerferien
Vorkurs Math/Deutsch
Ende 5. Kl. Primar 02.08.21 - 06.08.21 09:00 - 12:00 Zürich Kreuzplatz Details 780.-- many Register
4. Wo Sommerferien
Vorkurs Math/Deutsch
Ende 5. Kl. Primar 09.08.21 - 13.08.21 09:00 - 12:00 Zürich Kreuzplatz Details 780.-- many Register
5. Wo Sommerferien
Vorkurs Math/Deutsch
Ende 5. Kl. Primar 16.08.21 - 20.08.21 09:00 - 12:00 Zürich Kreuzplatz Details 780.-- many Register
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