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FAQ Vocational school

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Gymnasium Intensiv Prep Courses during holidays

Realistic mock exam

Oral Exam Prep 2020

Long-track Gymnasium Prep Courses

Short-track Gymnasium Prep Courses

The most frequently asked questions and answers about the probationary period can be found here.


  • IT School (IMS)

    Exam prep for IT school (IMS). IMS is a 4-year programme that takes place after secondary year 3

  • BMS Preparation

    Courses especially for the BMS (vocational school) entrance exam

  • Matura Preparation

    Review of all relevant topics for the Matura exam in maths. Functions, integral and differential equations, vector geometry, stochastic processes and probability

  • Multicheck / Basic-Check

    Vor der Berufswahl? Ein guter Ausbildungsplatz in Sicht? Wir führen Vorbereitungskurse für den Multicheck und Basis-Check durch.

  • Home

    At Lern-Forum, we offer preparatory courses to help you prepare for gymnasium entrance exams, BMS exams, IMS exams and exams in the trail period. We also offer intensive courses in German, French, English, Latin and Mathematics.

  • Gymnasium Preparation

    Preparation courses for the entrance examination to gymnasium at Lern-Forum.ch

  • Courses Ct. Zurich

    Preparatory courses for short- and long-track Gymnasium, BMS, HMS, IMS and FMS,

    Courses: German, French, maths, exam questions, essay training, oral exam prep, autumn/Christmas/sport holiday, preparatory period

  • Review and Holiday Courses

    Efficient learning during the holidays. Solidification and repetition of the material in group courses with peers

  • Courses Ct. Aargau

    Efficient preparatory courses for Bezirksschule, secondary canton schools, courses for French at all levels, German, mathematics, English

  • Learning at home

    Study for the Gymi exam individually - prepare at home - with tests and lessons according to your needs

  • Learning for Life

    Success in life amounts to more than just good marks. We offer a wide selection of courses: typing, etiquette, career training, spelling

  • Locations

    Courses in the Zürich and Aargau cantons

  • Contact

    Contact Lern Forum, information about prices, course times, registration, exam prep