Registration for holiday intensive courses - Gymnasium prep

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Summer holidays: lay the foundations for success

Registration for Summer Holiday Foundation Course in Zurich

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Autumn Holidays: Basic Course in Zurich only

Registration for intensive autumn holiday long-track Gymnasium prep course (Basic course)

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Registration for intensive autumn holiday short-track Gymnasium prep course (Basic course)

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Christmas holidays: 3-day crash course

Registration for the crash course during Christmas holidays

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Crash-Kurs Kurzzeitgymnasium

2. Wo Weihnachtsferien 13.30
Aufsatztraining 1.-3. Sek.  
Starting date 27.12.21 -29.12.21
Time 13:30 h -
16:00 h
Location Zürich Kreuzplatz
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Level 1. - 3. Sek.
Cost CHF 560.00 CHF
Seats available 5
Event 3

Täglich vom 27.12.21 -29.12.21
13.30 - 16.00 h

Classroom Kreuzstr. 82 - 2. Stock
Teacher --
Exam Mo/Di 7./8. März 2022
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Winter (sports) holiday course - long-track Gymnasium (year 6)

Registration for short-track Gymnasium - please scroll down or click

Registration for winter (sports) holiday intensive Gymi prep course - long-track Gymnasium

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Registration for winter (sports) holiday intensive Gymi prep course - short-track Gymnasium

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There is a different course folder for every course

Students have the opportunity to book a supplementary course or any holiday course. All course folders contain different exercise material.

Full day course incl. lunch

Concentrated week of preparation during the winter (sports) holidays incl. hot meal.
Students will be supervised for the whole day.

9:00 am - 3:45 pm 

Check dates!

*The winter (sport) holiday in Winterthur starts a week earlier than in Zürich, and in the one in Affoltern am Albis starts a week later.

Please check when booking whether the holidays in your area match the course dates.

Exam simulation "like real"

With the famous Lern-Forum entrance exam simulation, your child can write and experience the exam under real conditions.

You will receive a detailed, individual correction with tips and hints on how to optimise your results in the cantonal entrance examination.

Our grading system corresponds to the grading scale of the public examination.

Terms and Conditions for Courses

Please read before booking.

General Terms and Conditions

Oral Exam

Information about the
Oral Exam
(only for secondary school students)

  • BMS Preparation

    Tutoring and intensive holiday courses so your child can prepare for the BMS entrance exam.

  • IT School (IMS)

    Tutoring and intensive holiday courses to optimally prepare your child for the IMS entrance examination.

  • FMS Vorbereitung

    Nachhilfe und intensive Ferienkurse, um Ihr Kind optimal auf die FMS Aufnahmeprüfung vorzubereiten.

  • Matura Preparation

    Repetition preparation courses of all relevant subjects for the Matura examinations in mathematics and French.