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Successful learning in small groups: Group size max. 8 students

All the courses advertised will definitely take place.
Several courses will be held in simultaneously.

Autumn holidays 2020

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Alle Sommerferienkurse finden statt

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Frühling - Sommer schulbegleitend

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Registration: probationary period courses

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Holiday and quarterly courses:

Solidifying the material

During the last holiday week, we offer group courses in

French(formal grammar, text comprehension, text production),

Math(by level: secondary/Gymnasium)

German (by level: primary 5/6, upper level)

Latin (Beginners)(long Gymnasium)

English(grammar, conversation, secondary A)

Spelling / Essay Writing(primary students)

All subjects can be booked individually. 2 hours daily per subject

FAQ Probationary period

Frequently asked questions