Progress Check

We offer a mock exam in order to check whether your child has made sufficient progress and is ready for the actual exam. This simulation exam allows your child to realistically experience the test environment.

The mock exam is a test that the students have never seen or solved before. We generate the test questions ourselves in accordance with the official learning objectives and focal points of the individual subjects. Students gain a clear understanding of what’s expected of them and how the exam is structured. They can test their understanding of the material and identify any remaining knowledge gaps.

We attach great importance to making the mock exam as realistic as possible. Because students often struggle with the prolonged concentration required to take a test, the mock exam is held from 8:15 AM to 12:00 PM (with breaks), just like the actual exam. This gives students the opportunity to get used to the early starting time and time pressure associated with the real exam. Our mock exam is supervised by experienced teachers.

  • Long-track Gymnasium exam
  • Short-track Gymnasium exam

Long-track Gymnasium exam

The test for long-track Gymnasium takes a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes. Children are tested in the subjects of German and mathematics. The emotional and intellectual maturity of the child plays a significant role. Many questions on the exam require answers that defy simple memorisation. Rather, students must be able to solve a problem independently by using a logical, step-by-step approach.

The German portion of the exam specifically tests students' vocabulary and language skills. It is important that children are able to comprehend and write texts independently.

The mathematics portion of the exam focuses on logical thinking. In addition, students must possess sound numeracy skills. Completing calculations on paper and solving word problems step-by-step are particularly important.

You can find additional information about the exam process here. You can also find the official learning objectives for 

Long-track Gymnasium

Short-track Gymnasium

Specialised school

on the central exam office website (in German)

Short-track Gymnasium exam

The exam for the short-track Gymnasium tests students in German, mathematics and French. German and Mathematics each make up 40% of the overall score, while French makes up 20%. This increased emphasis on German is a recent development. The exam takes a total of 4 hours and 45 minutes (90 minutes for composing a text, 45 minutes for the German language portion, 90 minutes for the Mathematics portion and 60 minutes for the French portion).

For the Mathematics portion, students have to solve various algebra and geometry problems. They are confronted with word problems, different algebraic transformation tasks, geometric constructions and other geometric calculations. It is very important that students show their work in a way that is legible and organized.

When it comes to the French portion, much emphasis is placed on vocabulary and knowing the correct verb forms. The consistent declension of nouns and adjectives is also important. Students must be able to understand and correctly complete French fill-in-the-blank texts.

German is becoming increasingly important as a subject. Many students are afraid of writing essays, but good composition can be practised! The actual German portion of the exam also shouldn’t be underestimated. Students are required to understand and apply linguistic structures such as indirect speech. Knowledge of verb and declension forms is also required.

Here you can find the exam regulations for the 4-year track exam. The Education programme (in German) explains the learning objectives and outlines which topics and rules students must be familiar with.

What does the mock exam look like?

The entire exam was independently developed by the Lern-Forum team and matches the problem types, difficulty level and even the typography of the original exams.

We can assure you that neither the texts in German and French nor the math problems have ever been on an actual exam (including outside of the canton!).

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