Gymi exam 2021

What should you know about the Gymi exam?

The Gymi exam is the central entrance examination for gymnasiums in the canton of Zurich and must be passed successfully in order to attend a gymnasium. Every year in March, several thousand Swiss students take the Gymi exam in Zurich. Participants register on the website using a PIN code, which is handed out at the Gymnasium's orientation evening for a fee of CHF 20.

On average, however, only half of all participants pass the exam, which is why intensive preparation is highly recommended. Generally speaking, students with an average grade of at least 5 have a realistic chance of passing the Gymi exam in Zurich, although it also makes a difference whether the examination is for the short- or long-term gymnasium.

What changes in the Gymi exam 2021?

In 2021 there will be some important changes for the participants in the Gymi exam. These will affect students from the second and third year of high school as well as students from the sixth year of primary school.

Starting in 2021, students of the second and third year of high school will no longer be tested in French but only in mathematics and German for the Gymi exam Zurich. In addition, in the future, incoming marks will also be considered. One-fifth of these will be made up of the grades in mathematics, German, French and English. Together with the examination grade, the final grade is then calculated. The entrance examination is considered passed with an average grade of minimum 4.75.

The same applies to students in the sixth year of primary school. The examination is also considered passed with an average grade of minimum 4.75. As is well known, this is made up of the examination grade and the incoming grade (overall school grades) and, until the year of 2020, it had to be at least 4.5.

Gymi exam in Zurich

Gymi exam long-term gymnasium

Students who wish to continue their school education at a long-term gymnasium only need to take a written exam. In addition to 60 minutes of mathematics, this consists of 60 minutes of essay writing in German and 45 minutes for text comprehension and language review, also in German.

The examination is considered passed if the participants achieve a grade of at least 4.5. However, this grade is not only made up of the examination grade, which weights mathematics to 50 percent and German to 50 percent, but also half of the incoming grade. The latter is derived from the grades of the February report, also 50 percent in mathematics and 50 percent in German.

If students have attended a private school, there is no incoming grade and the minimum grade for passing the Gymi exam Zurich is 4.0.

Gymi exam short-term gymnasium

Students who wish to continue their studies at a short-term gymnasium, a business secondary school or a specialized secondary school must take a similar entrance examination. This examination consists of a written and possibly also an oral part, whereby the incoming grades are not taken into account.

The written exam consists of 90 minutes mathematics, including arithmetic/algebra and geometry, 90 minutes essay in German, 60 minutes listening and reading comprehension as well as a language exercise and a writing assignment. In addition, 45 minutes of text comprehension and language review in German will be tested. If the student achieves a grade of at least 4.0 in the written examination, the entrance exam for the short-term gymnasium and the specialized secondary school is considered passed. A grade of 3.87 is sufficient for the business secondary school.

Students who have not achieved this grade in the Gymi examination, but who have achieved a grade of at least 3.75 for the short-term gymnasium and the specialized secondary school and a grade of 3.37 for the business high school, will be asked to take the oral examination. In this exam, mathematics, and German as well as French are examined for 15 minutes each.

Dates Gymi exam

The Gymi exam will take place nevertheless in 2021 due to an administrative appeal.

Long-term gymnasium

  • Monday, March 08, 2021 from 8 a.m.

Short-term gymnasium/HMS/FMS:

  • Mon/ Tues. March 8/09, 2021 from 08.15 a.m. (in writing)
  • Wed. March 24, 2021 (oral - only required if the result of the written examination is between 3.75 and 4.0)

IT school

  • October 26/27, 2020

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