Essay Training

Writing an essay is a key element of competence

The written expression says a lot about the student's maturity and intellectual engagement with his or her environment. In the entrance examination to secondary schools, writing an essay is an essential part. Language expression is a key skill and carries corresponding weight in grading.

Our specific essay course focuses on the requirements for an exam essay. In doing so, the students deal with the different text types of the entrance examination and find out about the different, how to structure an essay in a formally correct way. In addition, the students learn how important it is to implement the task exactly and how this can be analyzed.

In addition to these basic skills, students are given the opportunity to work on their vocabulary and stylistics in targeted writing training sessions. In small groups, individual attention is guaranteed so that each child can receive specific support.
Finally, in the essay course, the basics of orthography and punctuation are repeated so that students can write their essays with as few errors as possible.

For each essay, the course includes an essay correction with a comprehensive written report with error analysis. The assessment principle of the cantonal gymnasium serves as the basis for grading. Thus, after the essay course, students can demonstrate what they have learned and receive an assessment of whether they meet the requirements for admission to the gymnasium.

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Essay Training for Primary and Secondary School Students

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Course Program

We deal with individual essay types using interactive and varied exercises.

Course objectives:

Essay training:

  • Typology of essays (discussion, description, report, etc.)
  • Careful consideration of the title in order to match the topic
  • Structure (introduction, main body, conclusion)
  • Overcoming mental blocks to write line by line
  • Training spelling and proofreading
  • Using correct punctuation

Many thanks for the excellent Gymi preparation with essay coaching

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Our daughter Nina has after the summer vacations a Gymi Prep Course with you
started (among others with Mrs. Behrens) and completed before the sports vacations.

I just want to tell you briefly that Nina passed the Gymi exam for the Gymi Unterstrass and for the Gymnasium Stadelhofen both have passed.

We are very happy for Nina, and thank you for your support and training during the preparation time.

For the people who coached Nina on essay writing, it may still be interesting to hear,
how she finished.

In Unterstrass she got a 6 for her essay, at Stadelhofen a 5.5.

Thanks for forwarding to the teachers concerned, who may be interested in the success
of their sheltered.

With kind regards

Hirt family

Learning Forum Essay Training

Essay courses throughout the year

Our specific essay training is very effective and successful.
That is why we have expanded our offer and conducted essay courses throughout the year during school vacations as well as on Saturdays.

Christmas / Sports vacations

Combine an intensive course during the sports holidays with the essay course.

What should I write?

Often, students can not think of a sentence.
We learn how to overcome the blockage.


Have essays corrected

Your child can write essays and have them professionally corrected and graded by our expert proofreaders.
This way you can submit essays on a regular basis.


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