Gymnasium exam prep

Aufnahmeprüfung 2020/2021

Die Aufnahmeprüfung im Jahr 2021 findet wegen einer Verwaltungsbeschwerde unverändert statt.

Preparation for the Gymnasium entrance exam

This year, thousands of students will give the entrance exam for Zürich Gymnasium their best effort. However, the failure rate remains high. Many students do not prepare adequately for the exam, or find they do not know how to the best way prepare at all.

Lern-Forum offers an unmatched selection of preparatory courses for the entrance exams for long- and short-track Gymnasium.

Gymnasium - a ticket for your future

Now as always, an excellent education is the key to your future career. In addition to foreign languages, Gymnasium students learn the abstract thinking that is more vital than ever in high-level professions.

Without focussed preparation for Gymnasium, the transition is all but impossible. Even when the schools offer Gymi prep two lessons a week, it is usually not enough.


The teachers have to prepare and copy the practice material, which takes a lot of time and effort. At Lern-Forum, all of our course documents are constantly being updated and made to conform with current teaching materials.

We employ teachers whose sole job is to prepare course materials. These materials are then sent to a printer.

Thanks to the tightly-run courses, the students learn very efficiently and can close gaps in their knowledge while gaining confidence in their ability to solve problems.

Preparatory courses during the holidays:

Autumn holiday:
Basis course - Strengthening and repetition

Christmas-/ New Year holiday:
Crash course - Repetition and practice exam questions

Sport holiday:
Exam prep course - Practice exam questions and test-taking skills

4 lessons a day, 45-minute lessons
Fr. 720.-- incl. materials

Intensive holiday courses

Realistic mock exam

There is no more oral exam for primary students. Four hours decide whether your child is accepted to long-track Gymnasium. The Gymi exams take place in mid-March. Chances of success

Mock exam course dates

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Long-track Gymnasium Prep Courses

Short-track Gymnasium Prep Courses

Gymnasium Intensiv Prep Courses during holidays

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday courses

The prep courses during the school year prepare students for Gymnasium over a longer period of time. The children attend the prep course once a week, improving their knowledge through well-designed exercises and writing weekly essays.

Long-track Gymnasium

Short-track Gymnasium

Realistic mock exam

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    Registration for our holiday course

  • Latin

    Latin courses at Lern-Forum during the autumn holiday or the probationary period

  • English

    Review courses for secondary students and exam prep for BMS

  • French

    We offer successful French Envol courses so you learn languages right from the beginning

  • German

    German essay and spelling courses for primary and secondary students, essays, grammar, vocabulary

  • Mathematics

    Prep course in maths for probationary period, secondary A, long-track Gymnasium, BMS

  • Mathematics for Gymnasium

    Probationary period course in mathematics for secondary A, long-track Gymnasium, BMS

  • FAQs Probationary period

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the probationary period