Essay topics for grade 5 & 6

Descriptive Essays – Experiences

  1. A Party
    Parties are held for different occasions – there are birthday parties, Christmas parties, village festivals & more. Describe what happened at a party or festival you were part of. What kind of food was at the party and what was on the agenda? Was it your party or were you invited as a guest?
  2. Clean Up
    Cleaning up is a tedious job that can’t be avoided. But sometimes it can feel liberating to sort through everything and restore order. What is your approach to cleaning up?
  3. Visit
    Describe a situation in which you visited someone or were visited by someone else. What did you do during the visit? Was it a positive or negative experience?
  4. That Was Really Difficult.
    Write about a situation in which you were faced with a challenging task. How did you solve the problem?
  5. My Best/Worst Holiday
    Describe your best or worst experiences during the holidays. What was especially nice/bad about these holidays?
  6. My Normal School Day
    Describe a normal school day for you. How do you get to school? What is your daily class schedule like? What do you do during breaks? Make sure that you describe an ordinary rather than an unusual school day.
  7. My Birthday
    How do you celebrate your birthday? Describe one of your past birthdays. What all did you do? Did you have a birthday party?
  8. My Hobby
    Hobbies make our leisure time more fun and offer a counterbalance to school life. Do you have a hobby that you practice on a regular basis? What is your hobby? Describe what you like to do outside of school. Is your hobby something you do alone or in a group?
  9. With Good Friends, There is Never a Dull Moment.
    What would we do without our friends? We would probably feel terribly bored much of the time. Describe what you like doing with your friends. What are your common interests? Have the things you do with your friends changed over time? Did you meet some of your friends because of a common hobby?

Thoughts and Feelings

  1. Losing Isn't Easy.
    You can't always win. But losing isn't easy. Share an experience in which you tried to but didn’t win. What were you thinking when you lost? How did you feel?
  2. Guilt
    Doing something that’s against the rules can feel good at first, but later on we often feel guilty. Has this ever happened to you? What did you do to fix the situation and feel better?
  3. Feeling Angry
    There are things that make us so angry we can no longer think clearly. What makes you really angry? What do you do when you're mad? What goes through your head in moments of anger and what is it like after you’ve calmed back down? Do you ever regret things you did while you were angry?
  4. I've Never Felt so Scared.
    Describe a situation in which you felt the most scared you've ever felt. What was making you feel that way? What did you do to conquer your fear? Some people are extremely afraid of spiders or dogs. Is there anything you've always been afraid of? What is it? How do you feel in situations in which you have to face your fear?
  5. Tempers Raged.
    We all argue sometimes. Fights can happen between siblings, friends, parents and children, etc. With whom did you have your biggest fight? What was the dispute about? How did you feel during the argument? And afterwards? Did you make up?
  6. Compassion
    Compassion makes us human. When and for whom do you feel compassion? Why do you feel compassion for certain people (or animals)? Is compassion a good thing?
  7. I Had to Be Brave.
    Write about a situation in which you had to show courage. Why did you have to be brave? What have you done that required great courage? Were you proud of yourself afterwards? How did the people around you react?
  8. Consolation
    Sometimes we are so sad that we need the help of our family and friends to feel better. Have you ever experienced such a situation? What made you sad, and what gave you comfort? Or perhaps you had to comfort someone else?

Fantasy Essays

Caution: Fantasy essays are especially hard to write. Unlike a descriptive essay about a certain experience, fantasy essays do not have a clear structure to follow. In addition, these essays usually fall on one extreme of the marking spectrum rather than in the middle (a 4 to 4.75). Fictional essays are usually given either very good or very bad (clearly inadequate) marks. For this reason, only "essay experts", i.e. those students who usually receive excellent grades on their essays, should take on fantasy topics.

  1. If Animals Could Talk
    What would happen if animals could talk? What would you say? Would your pets perhaps tell you something really special?
  2. The Magic Lamp
    While you are hiking, you find a magic lamp. The genie of the lamp grants you three wishes. What do you wish for?
  3. The Unexpected Guest
    "I was home all alone, when suddenly the doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw..."
    Continue the story. Who came to visit? What did you and the unexpected guest do?
  4. Life of a Backpack
    You're a backpack. What do you experience? What are your days like? Who is your owner?
  5. The Monster Under the Bed
    One night, you find a monster under your bed. How do you react? Do you try taking on the monster by yourself or do you call for help?
  6. My Dream Trip
    Imagine you could go on your absolute dream trip. Where would you go? Who would join you? Would you travel by plane, boat, train? What would you do during your trip?
  7. The Adventure
    Write about an adventure you’ve been on. It can be real or fictional.
  8. ... 
    "I sat there motionless, trying not to make a sound, but then it happened: I had to sneeze..."
    Write an essay in which these sentences occur. They can be at the beginning, middle or end of your story! Also select an appropriate title.

Argumentative Essays

Primary students are not required to write argumentative essays yet. This type of essay is introduced at the upper level.

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