Exam preparation for the gymnasium


News about entry process for Zürich Gymnasiums

Various changes are being discussed. Should the incoming marks be counted? How much should French count for? Would it not be a better idea to test English skills? Should oral exams be reserved for secondary students and not given to those just leaving primary school? Will students from secondary B be admitted now?

Some decisions have been made, but not all. The exams are being constantly updated to reflect current and future needs. We will keep you informed.

Gymnasium - A ticket for the future

Now as always, an excellent education is the key to your future career. In addition to foreign languages, Gymnasium students learn the abstract thinking that is more vital than ever in high-level professions.

Without focussed preparation for Gymnasium, the transition is all but impossible. Even when the schools offer Gymi prep two lessons a week, it is usually not enough.


The teachers have to prepare and copy the practice material, which takes a lot of time and effort. At Lern-Forum, all of our course documents are constantly being updated and made to conform with current teaching materials..

We employ teachers whose sole job is to prepare course materials. These materials are then sent to a printer.


Thanks to the tightly-run courses, the students learn very efficiently and can close gaps in their knowledge while gaining confidence in their ability to solve problems.

Registration form for Zürich Gymnasium prep courses (Printable form)

Stressed students

Report about Lern-Forum on Swiss TV (Rundschau 16 May 2009)


Watch the video about the preparatory courses to get an idea of how they work.  

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Entry requirements for long-track Gymnasium ZH

Exam requirements for students from state secondary schools (with incoming marks):
Exam result = Average of incoming marks and exam score
Exam result ≥ 4.50: Acceptance
Exam result < 4.50: Rejection

Exam requirements for students from private schools (without incoming marks):
Exam result = Exam score
Exam result ≥ 4.00: Acceptance
Exam result < 4.00: Rejection

Next likely entrance exam date: Tuesday, 9th March 2020

Registration ends 10th February 2020 (directly at the canton schools)


Score calculation for short-track Gymnasium ZH

The final score of the written exam is determined by the scores from the following three sections:

The scores are provided to two decimal places. The score for the German section is comprised of two equal halves: essay writing and grammar/reading comprehension.

Since 2015, the incoming marks have not been a factor in the entrance requirements.

Exam date: 9th/10th March 2020


Courses to accompany school

The school-accompanying prep courses prepare the students for Gymnasium over a longer period. They attend the prep course once a week, deepening their understanding of the subject with well-designed exercises and writing weekly essays.

Long-track Gymnasium

Short-track Gymnasium

Intensive holiday course

Autumn holiday:

Basis course - Repetition und Solidification

Sport holiday:

Exam prep - practice exam questions and test-taking skills

Each course daily 3 x 60 min.
Fr. 780.-- incl. materials

Information on holiday courses

Online registration for holiday courses

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