Short-track Gymnasium exam prep courses

For the entrance exam to short-track Gymnasium / Fachmittelschule (FMS) / business school (HMS)
(after the 2nd/3rd year of secondary)

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  • Double Registration HMS, FMS
  • Holiday Courses
  • Practice Material
  • Learning objectives

Course dates and costs for short-track Gymnasium


Courses during
the school year

9:00 am -
12:00 pm

12:30 pm -
3:30 pm

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
4:45 pm - 7:45 pm

10:00 am - 1:00 pm
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


18 times

Start date
Price (CHF)






14 times

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10 times

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Double Registration Gymnasium – FMS – HMS – IMS


Students in secondary have the opportunity to register for Gymnasium as well as for business school (HMS+), specialized school (FMS) or IT school (IMS). The following applies:

Intensive Holiday Courses

Intensive Holiday Courses to Study For Entrance Exam.



Course times (Mo - Fr)

Location(s)Cost CHFFlyer
Gymi prep basis course
Math / German / French
Autumn holiday
1st or 2nd week
(can only book one)
9:00 am - 12:00 pmZürich only760Download  
Gymi prep exam course
1 week
Sport holiday
1st/2nd/3rd week
9:00 am - 12:00 pmZürich
Gymi prep exam course
2 weeks, different course materials
1st + 2nd or
2nd + 3rd
 Zürich Download  

All price inclusive of course materials

Practice & Course Materials


We are well-equipped with supplementary exercises and solutions for in-depth studying, old Gymnasium exams and the latest teaching materials. The course folder is revised each year and adapted to the newest requirements.

Students receive practice materials that they are not familiar with yet. The old exams (links) are used only in the last third of the exam preparation. Prior to working with old exams, we practice and solidify the entire exam material through exercises with proven effects.

Students also receive an overview of each topic as well as an explanation for later reference.

Links to old exams and free practice materials.

Now students can also prepare independently with our Lern-Forum study materials. Our structured math books for self-study were developed by a Swiss Gymnasium teacher and can be found in our book shop.


Learning objectives

The learning objectives are defined by the official decisions of the Canton of Zürich. There is often a gap between what has been covered in class at school and what is required by the entrance exam (especially in maths). It is for this reason that thorough preparation for the exam is so important.;

We focus not on rote memorisation but on applying learned concepts.

Here you can find and download more information about our learning objectives.



Gymnasium exam prep in small groups

With our well-organized course folder, we systematically review and solidify school material through practice problems in groups of 3 to 8 students. We have excellent training and course materials to match the new curriculum (especially in French and mathematics).
After the review, we then look at previous entrance exams and discuss these in detail.

Essay training

All courses run until March 2020.

We practice for the entrance exam while students also learn efficient strategies to solve the problems independently.

We have a large selection of supplementary exercises, previous exams and the latest teaching materials.

Short-track Gymnasium / HMS / FMS

Per week: 85 mins maths/geometry and 85 mins German/French

Free seats, course dates, course locations

Courses for individual subjects - maths - French - German

Due to popular demand, we are now offering Gymnasium prep courses in individual subjects.
You can now book French, German, or maths. The courses are held weekly during the semester.

Costs, dates, locations for individual subjects

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Learning Objectives for 2nd / 3rd upper level.

Download further details about the learning objectives here.

New: FMS Preparation

Special preparatory courses for the FMS

New: Courses on Sunday

Many children engaged in sports are busy with competitions, football matches, etc. on Saturday. By popular request we now also offer preparation courses on Sundays.

Dates & Course Time

Learning objectives for 6th grade
primary school

Download further details about learning objectives here.

Having your essay corrected

Not sure if your child writes good essays?
Does your child want to improve their essay writing?

Have your essay corrected and marked professionally at any time

Essay Correction

Preparation at home with milestones

Our milestone programme gives students the opportunity to flexibly prepare for the exam through supported self-study.

Students attend 4 course days and write essays that are corrected by us. The simulation exam is also included in the preparation.

Preparation with milestones

Gymnasium and BMS Entrance Exam

Third-year students have the opportunity to take the Gymi and BMS exam, since these exams do not take place on the same day.

FAQs Secondary Level II Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

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