High marks in mathematics are still seen as evidence of a quick mind and high intelligence. A good report is proof of above-average performance and opens doors to future success. Many companies prefer to employ people who are able to solve problems on their own initiative and can document their problem-solving methods. When choosing potential employees, companies tend to look for good marks in maths, which usually indicate determination, accuracy and independent thought.

Take the first step to success!

Join one of Lern-Forum's compact courses in mathematics to strengthen your maths skills in an efficient and practical manner.

Participation in a course is limited to a maximum of 8 students so that teachers can focus their attention on each individual.

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Our mathematics courses:

  1. Pre-course mathematics - bridge course
  2. Long-track Gymnasium probationary period mathematics
  • Course Overview
  • Probation Gymnasium
  • Bridge course
  • Primary 5 mathematics
  • Matura maths
  • Video
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Summer holiday course

4th or 5th

Bridge course
Mathematics for Gymnasium

Exact times
are listed
on the


Summer holiday course


Sec. A year 1/2


Summer holiday course


End of primary year 5



Autumn holiday course


Long-track Gymnasium year 1


Autumn holiday course1st

Short-track Gymnasium year 1


Autumn holiday course


Secondary year 1


Spring holiday course
Summer holiday course

4th /5th

Mathematics review

for Matura course


Langzeitgymnasium first year

Langzeitgymnasium math can be tough. Mathematical terms, algebra, complex thought processes as well as a fast learning pace can push some students to their limits. During the autumn holidays, we offer a course that focusses on repetition and further practice of additional math problems. This course features modern teaching methods emphasising efficiency over hours of practice.

Problem solving skills

Mathematics requires both skills in repetitive practice in order to gain speed as well as skills in mathematic problem solving (difficult complex problems that require cognitive skills and intelligence).


Kurzzeitgymnasium first year


Entrance exams are passed and now it's time for students to stand the test for the Kurzzeitgymnasium and get through the probationary period.

Many students have problems with the fast learning pace and systematic thought. Each mathematical step has to be proven before it can be utilised. Math is no longer boring practice.

The probationary period course for the Kurzzeitgymnasium comprises, on the one hand, mathematical skills such as binomials and complex fractions and, on the other hand, copying, thinking ahead and listening to other students' questions. The focus is on the systematic thinking in mathematics.

A comprehensive course binder with plenty of exercises covering the topics of the probationary period is included in the price.

Mathematics pre-course

for Kurzzeitgymnasium / technical BMS


As the probationary period draws closer, students often fall prey to the fear of mathematics. Our course teaches students how to prepare properly for the exams and learn how to solve more complex problems. The course also includes comprehensive revision and consolidation of prior material. At the Lern-Forum we are always looking forward and prepare our students for the coming school period, so that they can more easily master the next step on the path to success.

Learning objective:

The main goal of this course is to provide students with a solid foundation of the material and for them to develop independent problem solving skills. Students learn confidence in the handling of complex terms, equations, fractions and binomials. Students also learn about the teachings methods of the Kurzzeitgymnasium / technical BMS.

The decisive year

Primary 6 is a crucial year; it is during this year that the decision is made which secondary stream the student moves into. The goal is to move into the highest possible stream, i.e. Langzeitgymnasium or secondary.

It has been proven that both enviroment and peers play an important role in the development of performance incentive and healthy ambition.

Preparation for the Matura


If you are about to do the Matura and want to put the finishing touches to your math skills, this is the course for you. The course is a professionally lead preparation course for the Matura especially designed to fill any holes in the mathematical knowledge required for the Matura.

The course for good Matura results - an important step towards a successful future.

Mathematics preparation courses for the Matura

Flyer preparation courses for the Matura

Course times:

During the spring and summer holidays, the courses take place between 9 am and 1 pm.
These times are subject to change.
Please keep your timetable free between 9 am and 1 pm.

Bridge course - Pre-course
Kurzzeitgymnasium / BMS

Catch up and gain confidence


  • Compound fractions
  • Terms
  • Binomials
  • Equations


  • Intersecting lines
  • Loci

Bridge course1st semester mathematics short-track Gymnasium

Probationary period long-track Gymnasium

Courses over the autumn holiday

Secondary A, 1st year

Review of material



Secondary A, 2nd year

Review of material



Holiday and quarterly courses:
Solidifying the material

During the last holiday week, we offer group courses in

French(formal grammar, text comprehension, text production),

Math(by level: secondary/Gymnasium)

German (by level: primary 5/6, upper level)

Latin (Beginners)(long Gymnasium)

English(grammar, conversation, secondary A)

Spelling / Essay Writing(primary students)

All subjects can be booked individually. 2 hours daily per subject

  • Registration for holiday course

    Registration for our holiday course

  • Latin

    Latin courses at Lern-Forum during the autumn holiday or the probationary period

  • English

    Review courses for secondary students and exam prep for BMS

  • French

    We offer successful French Envol courses so you learn languages right from the beginning

  • German

    German essay and spelling courses for primary and secondary students, essays, grammar, vocabulary

  • Mathematics

    Prep course in maths for probationary period, secondary A, long-track Gymnasium, BMS

  • Mathematics for Gymnasium

    Probationary period course in mathematics for secondary A, long-track Gymnasium, BMS

  • FAQs Probationary period

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the probationary period