Maths pre-course - bridge course

Preparation for probationary period

The probationary period is looming, and maths is often a subject of concern. At Lern-Forum, students learn how to properly prepare for exams and and solve advanced problems while reviewing and solidifying everything they have learned so far. We have our eyes on the future, not the past, offering students optimal preparation to master the coming semesters with flying colours.


The primary goal of the course is to give students a fundamental understanding of the material covered thus far and enable them to develop independent problem-solving skills. Participants will become comfortable with difficult terms, equations, fractions and binomials. They will also become familiar with the teaching methods at Gymnasiums and technical vocational schools.

The bridge course is for secondary students who have passed the Gymi exam and students who have completed their 2nd year of long-track Gymnasium. We learn to solve problems systematically and practise maths study skills.


  • Maths in Gymnasium

Mathematics bridge course for Gymnasium / BMS

Once students have passed the entrance exam for Gymnasium, they must face the next hurdle: the probationary period.

Many students just barely reached the necessary maths scores to attend Gymnasium/BMS. Now they need to keep up during the probationary period.

In Gymnasium, the weaker secondary students have been weeded out and classes are moving faster. This can cause difficulties. Instead of doing pages of similar problems for practice, students keep a theory notebook and solve a few simple problems in order to understand each new concept. The more difficult problems show up in exams.


We practise the craft of mathematics. Students learn to work comfortably with difficult terms, equations, fractions and binomials while becoming familiar with teaching methods at Gymnasium / tech. BMS.

We offer a prep course for short-track Gymnasium during the summer holiday. 

Course times:

During the spring and summer holidays, courses are always held from 9 AM to 1 PM.
Changes to these times may occur.
Please keep the time between 9 AM to 1 PM open in your schedule.

Course location: Zurich


Probationary period short-track Gymnasium

Statistics on passing the probationary period

Bridge course to Gymnasium / BMS

Catch up and gain confidence


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