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Those who can express themselves well in a language will succeed not only at school but also in their working lives. Our specially tailored courses quickly move beyond rules and exercises to provide students with a vocabulary, syntactical fluency, and speaking confidence that bolsters their language skills long-term.

Through essay and reading practice, students in our German courses will discover what possibilities the language offers and how to use them. We believe success can be learned!

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During the spring and summer holidays, the courses take place between 9 am and 1 pm.
(Small deviations of up to 15 minutes are possible)

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Summer holiday course


Primary year 5/6

Exact times
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Summer holiday course


Upper level


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Autumn holiday course


Upper level


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Autumn holiday course1st

Primary year 5/6


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Sport holiday course2ndPrimary year 5/69:00 am - 11:00 am


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German for primary students

Holiday and quarterly courses:
Solidifying the material

During the last holiday week, we offer group courses in

French(formal grammar, text comprehension, text production),

Math(by level: secondary/Gymnasium)

German (by level: primary 5/6, upper level)

Latin (Beginners)(long Gymnasium)

English(grammar, conversation, secondary A)

Spelling / Essay Writing(primary students)

All subjects can be booked individually. 2 hours daily per subject

  • Registration for holiday course

    Registration for our holiday course

  • Latin

    Latin courses at Lern-Forum during the autumn holiday or the probationary period

  • English

    Review courses for secondary students and exam prep for BMS

  • French

    We offer successful French Envol courses so you learn languages right from the beginning

  • German

    German essay and spelling courses for primary and secondary students, essays, grammar, vocabulary

  • Mathematics

    Prep course in maths for probationary period, secondary A, long-track Gymnasium, BMS

  • Mathematics for Gymnasium

    Probationary period course in mathematics for secondary A, long-track Gymnasium, BMS

  • FAQs Probationary period

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the probationary period