Learning objectives for long-track Gymnasium

In our preparatory courses, we deal with all topics that are relevant for the entrance examination. However, the courses of Lern-Forum go beyond the entrance exam. We also look at individual topics that will be dealt with at the beginning of the probationary period. We want you to have a great start at Gymnasium!


The learning objectives are based on the curriculum of Zurich primary schools (Edition 2010, p. 269- 280) and the teaching materials used. The use of calculators is not allowed in the exam. A clear, comprehensible presentation of the calculation method is particularly important. This will, of course, be practised intensively in our courses. 

Learning objectives


The German exam consists of two parts. For the essay part, students are allowed to use a school dictionary ("Wort für Wort" or "Duden Rechtschreibung"). The learning objectives are based on the primary school syllabus of the canton of Zurich (Edition 2005, p. 135-141).

Writing a Text

Marked on 3 aspects: content, style, grammar.

The essay is an important tool for judging the maturity of a child. Essays are marked very strictly. At Lern-Forum, we intensively practise the writing of good essays. Teachers will only correct some of the essays written by the students. The rest will be corrected by an external, specialised team who will follow the official guidelines of the central entrance examination when marking their assessments. Students will therefore receive a lot of feedback.


Text comprehension and interpretation (grammar and expression)

Careful and concentrated work is also of great importance in the German exam. Students should be able to correctly follow instructions. In addition, points will be deducted for spelling mistakes in this portion of the exam.

Further information on the learning objectives as well as the exact requirements (grades, etc.) for the entrance examination can be found on our website www.lern-forum.ch. We offer preparatory courses from autumn onwards. There are both courses in school time and in the holidays. We teach in small groups of up to 8 students. Thanks to our up-to-date and proven course materials and excellent teachers, we provide outstanding preparation for the entrance exam.

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Learning objectives for the Langzeitgymnasium entrance exam

We offer intensive courses during the autumn and winter holidays.

These courses have been especially popular for many years. Our basic course during the autumn holidays offers students a comprehensive review for all levels, making students feel confident about the material and helping them rediscover their enjoyment of learning. Our winter (sports) holiday courses add the final touch before the entrance exam.

Autumn holiday: basic course (only 1 week can be booked)

Winter (sports) holiday: exam training (both weeks can be booked - different course folders)

Langzeitgymnasium prep courses from the 6th grade

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Essay Writing

Since the German grade counts for 40% of the Langzeitgymnasium entrance exam, linguistic expression, text interpretation and grammar are more important for sound preparation than ever.

In our courses, we regularly write essays that are corrected, assessed and graded by a specialized team.