Taster lessons for gymnasium prep

An insight into Lern-Forum - before booking

Do you want to register for a course but aren't sure if Lern-Forum is the right place for you?

Then come to one of our Gymnasium prep taster lessons to discover the excellent quality of our courses, materials and teachers. Taster lessons will give you a overview of lessons at Lern-Forum. How does the teacher explain content? What's the working atmosphere like? Are the documents right for me?

Our taster lessons:

We look forward to meeting you! 

The content of taster lessons

The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose - which Gymnasium course is the best?
We'll give you an insight into our courses and learning methods. Sign up for a taster lesson on 4th July 2020 or 22th August 2020.

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No tasters when courses are in progress

We offer taster days because we do not accept visitors when courses are running.

  • Gymnasium preparatory course for primary year 5

    Gymi prep for primary year 5, reading and interpreting age-appropriate texts, building vocabulary, essay writing, 5th-year maths, 5th-year word problems

  • Gymi preparation 1st year secondary

    Gymi prep for 1st-year secondary students, reading and interpreting age-appropriate texts, building vocabulary, essay writing, maths and word problems

  • Long-track Gymnasium Prep

    Preparation for the Gymnasium entrance exam from primary year 6 to long-track Gymnasium

  • Short-track Gymnasium prep

    Exam prep for short-track Gymnasium after sec.

  • Essay training for Exam prep

    Targeted, age-appropriate essay training for primary and secondary students

    interactive, varied exercises in small groups, essay writing with professional correction

  • Gymnasium prep taster days

    We offer taster days for Gymnasium prep in order to convince you of the excellent quality of our courses

  • Matura Preparation

    Review of all relevant topics for the Matura exam in maths. Functions, integral and differential equations, vector geometry, stochastic processes and probability

  • IT School (IMS)

    Exam prep for IT school (IMS). IMS is a 4-year programme that takes place after secondary year 3

  • Probation accompaniment

    Probationary period assistance in Latin, French, English and maths for students in long-track Gymnasium and Secondary A

  • Intensive Course for Gymnasium Prep

    Efficient Gymi prep, preparation for short- and long-track Gymnasium, BMS, FMS, HMS in Zürich, Winterthur, Affoltern am Albis

  • Exam Simulation

    Simulate the Gymi exam for short- and long-track Gymnasium

  • Oral Exam '20

    For years, Lern-Forum.ch has been successfully assisting students with the Gymnasium oral exam.

  • BMS Preparation

    Courses especially for the BMS (vocational school) entrance exam

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Gymi exam

    FAQ - frequently asked questions about the Gymi exam

  • Review and Holiday Courses

    Efficient learning during the holidays. Solidification and repetition of the material in group courses with peers