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Mock exam

Upon request, students can participate in a mock exam. 

Because we write the questions for the mock exam ourselves, students solve problems they have never seen before. This gives students the opportunity to experience the nervewracking exam process firsthand.

We attach great importance to making the simulation exam as realistic as possible. Because students often struggle with the prolonged concentration required to take a test, the mock exam is held from 8:15 am to 12:00 pm (with breaks), just like the actual exam. This gives students the opportunity to get used to the early starting time and time pressure associated with the real exam. Our simulation exam is supervised by experienced teachers.

"External" students pay an additional administrative fee.

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Date and Prices

Mock Exam for Gymnasium 2020 - NEW: also for BMS
CourseDatesCourse TimesLevelLocationCostFlyer
Mock exam
Long-track Gymnasium
8:15 AM – 12:00 PMprimary year 6Zürich Uni
Cont. Ed.
240.-- **
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Mock exam
Short-track Gymnasium

8:15 AM – 12:00 PM

1:30 PM – 5:15 PM

secondary year 2/3

Zürich Uni
Cont. Ed.

(9/2/20 - Zürich

290.-- *
330.-- **
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Mock exam
8:15 AM – 1:00 PMsecondary year 3
those leaving apprenticeships
Zürich Uni
Cont. Ed.
270.-- *
330.-- **
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All prices include scoring.
* Cost for students attending a course
** Cost for external students

Exam Simulation in Zurich

We do not recommend having your child take the simulation exam if he or she has little chance of passing the Gymnasium entrance exam. Experience has shown that our scores are similar to those of the real exam.

The costs incl. scoring are:

Long-track Gymnasium

CHF 210.-- (for our students)

CHF 240.-- (for external students)


Short-track Gymnasium

CHF 155.-- Maths and essay (for our students)

CHF 135.-- German text comprehension and French (for our students)

CHF 175.-- Maths and essay (for external students)

CHF 155.-- German text comprehension and French (for external students)


Vocational school (BMS)

CHF 270.-- Maths, German, French, English (for our students)

CHF 330.-- Maths, German, French, English (for external students)


(Please don’t bring any money! You will receive an invoice.)

Students will receive their results within 1 week (5 business days).

Why a Mock Exam?

When a student doesn’t pass the entrance exam, the argument is often made that the student "merely had a bad day". It is considered unfair that students’ performance is judged based on a single day. However, in our experience, failing the exam is very rarely due to having a "bad day". Rather, it is usually clear in which area a student has failed.

In school (and sometimes even in Gymnasium prep courses), students are often evaluated too leniently. The exam follows very strict standards. Often students are only praised, while any knowledge gaps they may have or mistakes they make are not pointed out. This makes it difficult for students to understand why they received poor marks on the entrance exam.

The mock exam helps students assess their own situation realistically. They learn how they are evaluated on the entrance exam and what the examiners pay special attention to. They also experience the exam situation: the time pressure, any concentration difficulties, etc. Our mock exams are scored just like the real entrance exams and then sent to the students. Students can see exactly where they made mistakes and why they received a certain grade.

This allows students to focus on their weaknesses until right before the exam. It also means that not doing well on the exam isn’t such a disappointment to students – they know that a negative exam result is a question of studying and not personal ability. Students can then focus on the future, with the goal of doing better next time (for example, on the entrance exam to short-track Gymnasium or BMS).

What is the exam like?

The entire mock exam is developed by us at Lern-Forum.

The types of problems, difficulty level and even the typography all match the actual exam.

The texts in German and French have never been on an exam before.

They are not exams from other cantons.


Exam Simulation

We now also offer a "real life" exam simulation for the BMS entrance exam.

Students become familiar with the exam situation and can assess themselves.
Our BMS success rate is above average at (around 80 %).

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