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BMS entrance exam – targeted preparation

for the entrance exam to BMS

We offer high quality prep courses specifically for vocational school (Berufsmittelschule or BMS). There are various specializations (technical, commercial, business, health, design).

Since the Examination Committee decided to introduce a uniform exam for students of all specializations in 2015, we have completely revised our courses and now offer a single course for all specialisations that is tailored exactly to the new exam. Of course we also work with the new maths textbook.

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Course Overview BMS

Maths / French / German / EnglishDate / StartLevelTimeCost (CHF)Flyer
Quarterly CourseSaturday
7.9.19 (18 times)
3rd year secondary9:00 AM – 12:15 PM2,880
Quarterly CourseSaturday
26.10.19 (14 times)
3rd year secondary12:30 PM – 3:50 PM2,280.—


Quarterly Course


23.11.19 (10 times)

3rd year secondary

9:00 AM – 12:15 PM or 12:30 PM – 3:50 PM


Winter (Sports) Holiday Course 

Monday – Friday

03.2.20 - 07.2.20
10.2.20 - 14.2.20
17.2.20 - 21.2.20
24.2.20 - 28.2.20

3rd year upper-level / Only one week can be booked.

9:00 AM – 12:15 PM or 12:30 PM – 3:50 PM


How are scores calculated?

New: As of 2015, all specialisations take the same exam!

Students have passed the exam if their average score is at least a 4. The subject scores are weighted as follows:

Subject Technical ProfileCommercial and Social-Health ProfileBusiness BMS (incl. geometry)
German 222
English 111
French 111
Maths 422
Total 866

New entrance exam for BMS

New: The Examination Committee decided to introduce a uniform exam for students of all vocational school specialisations.

The exam material is based on the following specialisations:

a) Technical BMS


b) Business BMS



c) Social-Health BMS


A challenge during the apprenticeship


BMS challenges students. Students must be well organized in order to meet the study requirements. This has also led to the BMS having a very good reputation and its graduates being highly desired in the job market.


Important Links

Multicheck Overview

Online registration BMS quarterly and winter holiday courses (invoice)

Please click on Online Registration for information about course dates, availability and course locations

Your winter (sports) holidays aren’t the same time as ours?

If your winter holidays do not coincide with our dates, simply request permission to attend the course from your school administration. This is usually approved.
You will receive a confirmation for your school from us.

BMS 1 

Die Kurse sind für BMS 1 und BMS 2 geeignet.
Der Prüfungstoff entspricht immer der 3. Kl. Sekundarschule.

Kursinhalt BMS Vorbereitung

Exam simulation
vocational secondary school

Now we also carry out an examination simulation "like real" for the entrance examination to the BMS.

The students become familiar with the examination situation and can assess themselves. Our success rate at the BMS is above average (approx. 80%).

Simulation of the BMS entrance examination

Learning Vocabulary

Download now and learn vocab off by heart for the BMS exam.

French Vocabulary

Exam Date BMS 2020

The entrance exam for BMS 1 will be held on 11/3/2020. (BMS 2 14/3/2020)


The registration deadline for the entrance exam is February 21th, 2020.

Registration Form for the BMS Entrance Exam (not the prep course)download – print – fill out – send via mail


Registration for Keyboarding Course with Certificate

Obligatory for KV before starting an apprenticeship


We now accept students for BMS 2 as well (after the completion of an apprenticeship). For students born in 1993 or later.

It is possible to complete BMS (vocational school) after already completing an apprenticeship. This is BMS 2.

Those who have completed an apprenticeship should contact the vocational school directly to learn about available options.

 BMS 2 Zurich

 BMS 2 Winterthur

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    Are you in the process of deciding on a career or vocational training position? We offer prep courses for the Multicheck and Basic-Check.

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    10-finger typing and spelling for children and adolescents