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Fernkurse im Lern-Forum

Die Unsicherheit der Corona-Krise soll sich nicht negativ auf den Übertritt ins Gymnasium auswirken.

Unsere Kurse finden in jedem Fall statt. Wir sind bestens für den Fernunterricht im Distance-Schulzimmer (Distance-Learning) sowie an unseren zentral gelegenen Schulräumen am Stadelhofen eingerichtet. Die Vorkurse für die 5. Klasse sowie die 1. Sek. bilden die Grundlage für einen guten Start ins nächste Schuljahr, um gute Zeugnisnoten zu erreichen. Gut strukturierte Lektionen mit einem umfangreichen Kursorder in Papierform sowie digitalen Übungen und Videos bilden einen abwechslungsreichen Unterricht.

Jetzt mit der Vorbereitung starten

Vorkurs 5. Klasse Primarschule


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Trial days for Gymnasium prep courses

The trial days take place on Saturday, 4th July 2020 and 22th of August 2020.

You do not need to register early. We look forward to meeting you.

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Gymivorbereitung im Lern-Forum

Der Vorbereitungskurs ins Gymnasium vermittelt den Stoff, der den erhöhten Anforderungen entspricht.

Die Aufgabenstellung ist komplex und erfordert mehrere Überlegungsschritte.


Vorbereitung Langgymi 2

Admission Requirements of Canton Schools ZH

Long-track Gymnasium

The entrance exam consists of several parts:

  1. Composing a text (60 minutes)
  2. Text and speech comprehension (45 minutes)
  3. Mathematics (arithmetic, 60 minutes)

If overall school marks are factored into the admission decision, then students have passed the entrance exam as long as they have an average of 4.5. To determine the average, the following grades are all weighted equally:

  1. Incoming marks(=overall school marks) "German"
  2. Incoming marks(=overall school marks) "Mathematics"
  3. Exam result "German"
    (1/2 composing a text, 1/2 text and speech comprehension)
  4. Exam result "Mathematics"

Oral entrance exams are no longer required.

Exam result = average between the incoming marks and exam score
Exam result ≥ 4.5: admission
Exam result < 4.5: rejection

Exam requirements for private school (without incoming marks):
Exam result = exam grade
Exam result ≥ 4.00: admission
Exam result < 4.00: rejection

Gymnasium entrance exam date: 10th/11th March 2020

Changes to the entrance exams for Gymnasium in Zurich

Our materials - our philosophy

Our Lern-Forum materials are being constantly reviewed and updated to the newest developments. They prepare students thoroughly for the entrance exams. However, it is also important to us that topics are being covered in our lessons not simply in preparation for the exams. We do not believe that learning purely to pass a test is sufficient for success during Gymnasium. Experience has shown us that many students do not pass the probationary period. The newspaper Tagesanzeiger reported that one out of every five students fails the probationary period for short-track Gymnasium.  

Our focus is on lasting knowledge. Naturally students will be specially prepared for the exam, relevant exam topics will be discussed in detail and corresponding exercises will be done. However, we will also look beyond the exam horizon. We will lay the groundwork for the probationary period and show students what awaits them at Gymnasium. In maths, for example, we will cover binomial formulas, and in French we will discuss the difference between imparfait and passé composé. With this preparation, students will be ready to face the probationary period with assuredness.

Course material

For each course, we have compiled a comprehensive Lern-Forum course binder. These binders are continuously revised and always up to date with the latest subject knowledge.

Each student has their own binder with all exercises and the pertinent solutions printed on paper. Upon completion of the course, the student retains this binder, so that the student may continue to study and practice the material contained within.

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Find the appropriate course for your child. We do not offer private tutoring.


Theoretical knowledge is elucidated through pertinent examples. Schoolwork focusses on repetition as well as a deepening of understanding. We apply what has been learnt to practical experiences so that students may gain confidence in the subject. At the same time, students learn how to explain their work in order to be prepared for the oral exams (from 2013 onwards only for secondary students).

Students receive a course folder for each course. This folder contains plenty of exercises as well as solutions put together according to current didactic principles.


In the language subjects, grammar as well as oral skills are taught through relevant examples and exercises.

Participation in a course is limited to 8 students so that teachers can focus their attention on the individual students.


In the subject of mathematics, mathematical thinking is encouraged through modern didactic methods so that students are able to solve difficult problems on their own.

Essay training

It is important for students to be able to express themselves in written form. In the Gymnasium prep course, therefore, we focus heavily on the process of essay writing. All essays are carefully marked and corrected.


  • 4 Aufsätze (18 Kurstage)
  • 3 Aufsätze (16 Kurstage)
  • 2 Aufsätze (14 Kurstage)
  • 1 Aufsatz (10 Kurstage)

Secondary level

  • 3 essays (18-day course)
  • 2 essays (14-day course)
  • 1 essay (10-day course)

Mock exam

Students receive in-depth progress reports with recommendations for obtaining their objectives.

The exams are then corrected by experienced examiners wholly unknown to the students. Students, and in particular their parents, are often “shocked” by the results. We then discuss these results and the students are made aware of the difficulties of the exam situation. This leads to a very high success rate in the real exams.

This year's courses start in September and end in March 2020.

Inform yourself about the proven Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday preparation courses for short and long term grammar schools.

(From examination year 2021 the oral examination for learners at secondary schools is to be dropped.)

Exam year 2020 - no changes

In the future, all schools will have the same requirements. All entrance exams will be comprised of two halves: the test in German and maths will count for half, and the incoming marks will count for the other half. The government announced this on Thursday.

For entry into Gymnasium (long- or short-track), the average of the test and incoming marks must be at least 4.75. For the vocational schools, the required average is 4.5.

The new regulations will be implemented for the Gymnasiums, the business schools, the secondary level II schools, and the vocational schools in March of 2021. For the IT schools, the new system will begin in October of 2020.

Press release from the Education Directorate

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